Et tu Fletcher?

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According to conversations downtown today, former Republican, former independent, current Democrat Nathan Fletcher was all over the phones today calling potential donor types. The message: “Filner is done, Lorena won’t challenge me, Kehoe and Saldana are too liberal to win, Frye is nuts, and I have labor support no matter what other Democrat is in the race.”


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  1. “Kehoe is too Liberal to win” ? I always thought of her as being less Liberal than Filner. And he won.

  2. Would love to see how the flip flop polls. I would assume that his claims about labor are probably right. One issue – after this debacle will having never managed anything bigger than a platoon fly? competence would be, one might think, a key issue.

  3. Poll in San Diego last night – some of the questions:

    * Filner resign or recall?

    * Several questions on Fletcher’s partisan affiliation

    * Gonzalez v Fletcher v Kehoe v. Falconer v. DeMaio in different combinations

    * Various negatives by name

    * Retest of ballot in different combinations

    * Interesting ‘blind’ negative questions:

    ** if you knew the candidate helped cover up Filner’s sex scandal

    ** if you knew the candidate had multiple affairs while married

  4. Filner is not going to resign. He may get recalled, but he will hold onto the office. What is the recall procedure?

  5. I’ve also heard he prepared to drop any loyalists from his mayor run that used to be republican if the unions were to back him.

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