Larry Stirling explains why he backs Carl DeMaio for Mayor — He has the Courage to bring Needed Change

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Former Judge, City Councilman and State legislator, Hon.Larry Stirling  announces his support for Carl  DeMaio’s  campaign.  With commendable brevity, Larry explains the reasons why.

“Carl DeMaio is the only prospective candidate for mayor of San Diego that has demonstrated through courage, energy, and intelligence the  path to successful  operational and financial reform for San Diego.

They say he is “divisive.”  From long experience, I can tell you, it is  impossible to call for  essential reforms of any organization and not   draw catcalls from those whose  sinecures are being threatened.

His union critics and union-owned candidates are the Problem.   Carl DeMaio  is the Solution.

Election of any other candidate will just be new icing on a stale old cake.  I urge his support.”

Larry Stirling



Jim Sills is a San Diego political consultant. If you have questions about your future in San Diego and California elections, you can contact Jim at this e-mail address:   He has aided the campaigns of Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Senators Joel Anderson and Tony Strickland, Representatives Devin Nunes and J.D. Hayworth, County Assessor & Recorder Greg Smith, among many others in California and beyond.


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  1. Ha! Sounds exactly like others’ endorsements for Mike Aguirre in 2003-2004!

    THAT worked out.

  2. Since Larry Stirling is very well respected in San Diego, that last comment pretty much speaks for itself as the height of inanity. Oh, that’s right, the opinion of an anonymous commenter making ridiculous comparisons matches the opinion of a former councilman, state assemblyman, state senator and judge.

  3. Larry Stirling is well-respected and I would expect that his endorsement would carry significant weight. However, it is impossible not to agree with Echo? and note that the last three paragraphs of Judge Stirling’s post could have just as easily been used for a Mike Aguirre re-election mail piece.

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