Labor — Thy name is intimidation

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The Sac Bee shows how labor is pulling out the stops to falsely scare potential petition signers into passiveness, using the specter of identity theft to keep the voters at bay.  Democracy at its best…

Radio ad claims signing initiatives increases risk for identity theft

Update: The president of the state building trades unions has acknowledged helping fund the effort. Read more here.

As backers of several high-profile ballot measures hit the streets looking for signatures, a new radio ad has surfaced warning listeners that signing initiative petitions puts voters “at risk for identity theft.”

The 60-second spot, which is airing on at least one Southern California radio station, features a man telling his spouse she should not have signed a petition at the grocery store.

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  1. Unions trying to mislead the public with a fake front group?!?! I am shocked at how unshocked I am.

    Apparently I’ve been living in San Diego too long.

  2. Just as I thought after hearing this ad yesterday on KFI. My cynical brain calculated that preventing identity theft was just a front for the group’s hidden agenda. The only question is what was the agenda.

    The question is who would oppose the paid petition circulators. The most obvious were labor unions and other Democratic interests, who fear initiatives put on the ballot with the help of paid circulators. There’s bills by Democratic legislators to restrict paid circulation gatherers.

    So the obvious answer turned out to be the correct one.

    I was pleasantly surprised that CalPIRG, which often lines up with Democratic interests, was so forthright in opposing the deception.

  3. The commercial is patently false. I’m not familiar with any instance of fraud in petition gathering ever occurring. The building trades admit to being involved once they couldn’t deny it but won’t say who else is involved with this front organization.

  4. Yea, it sucks that some union, borrowed a page from the Karl Rove playbook… However, somebody should ask San Diegans for Great Schools about fraud in petition gathering… the buzz is that some of the less than ethical hired gatherers were cutting and pasting and resubmitting the same signatures a few weeks apart. it’s a very short road from cutting & pasting to selling off the info, especially when the pay is only a buck a name. i’m not suggesting that ID theft happened here; I’m merely pointing out the possibilities.

  5. @DougPorter Those are some valid points that should be proudly backed and debated.

    The question is, why didn’t the labor unions use their own names for this campaign. If your points are valid they should proudly fly their flag high in this anti-identity theft campaign. Why didn’t they?

    I look forward to your well informed response.

  6. Well, maybe the next time there is a Fascist and Socialist meet up someone can ask Lorena Gonzalez how much money or in kind the local Labor Council contributed. That could be a real ice breaker.

  7. When I was a circulator and registering republicans, I dealt with the usual cursing venomous harassment by the “tolerant” left. Including having orange juice thrown in my face, having an off duty cop threaten to kill me for trying to take his benefits in 2005 and being called a (slur) by an intelligencia for circulating prop 8. I’ve seen circulators in republican friendly north county have democratic friendly signs to avoid harassment.

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