Labor Council Funds Democrat Warchest

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The GOP gives $20k to Lorie Zapf and that’s “controversial.” This is not, however…


SAN DIEGO — While San Diegans were preparing for Memorial Day, San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council boss Lorena Gonzalez was busy cutting another $25,000 check to the local Democratic Party in support her hand-picked candidates.

The check was received on Sunday, May 30th and was the latest in a series of $25,000 checks during the month of May, in addition to $25,000 during the month of April, for a total of $100,000.

Republican Party chairman Tony Krvaric made the following statement:

“Labor union bosses are the ultimate special interest, building their warchests against hard working taxpayers by taking money from workers’ paychecks for political purposes without prior permission.

“One wonders whether the candidates promoted by the Democratic Party using this money will be advocates for taxpayers or willing accomplices of labor union bosses in continuing to bankrupt our cities?

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what promises candidates supported with this money made during their labor union endorsement interviews. Cutting a deal with labor union bosses may be lucrative to candidates, but is never in the best interest of taxpayers.

“Specifically we can expect mail in support of the hand-picked union candidate for San Diego city council, district 6 Howard Wayne. Just watch.”


Tony Krvaric, Chairman
(858) 450-4600


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