LA Fitness’ Recurring ‘Satellite Issue’ With Fox News

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From my most-excellent North County Times colleague Mark Walker, comes this:

Fitness devotee Dianne Lowe’s best exercise in recent days may be standing up for what she says is free speech.

The five-year member of the LA Fitness club on El Norte Parkway in Escondido was outraged last week when she went to turn on the right-leaning cable channel while working out and found it wouldn’t come in.

Lowe talked to a gym attendant, who she said told her that LA Fitness officials had ordered it shut down.

“They told me, ‘We are not allowed to turn on Fox News,’ and that was a decision from corporate,” Lowe said.

But after Walker contacted the attendant,  he got a different story:
“It was a satellite issue,” the attendant said Monday afternoon, saying the club had changed its provider and had lost the Fox channel for a few days.   

It must have been a persistent “satellite issue,” if other reports that LA Fitness banned Fox News are accurate. In each case, Walker noted in the story, LA Fitness blamed the satellite.

Here’s a few other reports of LA Fitness not offering Fox News.

But in 2007, another report said a disgruntled customer in San Diego said “every other TV set” was tuned to Fox News.

Of course, LA Fitness has the right to offer whatever channels it wants to its customers, or none at all.

Please do read Walker’s entire story, by clicking on this link.
The story’s got a long list of comments,some of them quite amusing.  (You can judge which ones).

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