Conservative Watchdog Coming To San Diego?

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In the comments, SD CityBeat’s Dave Maass mentioned this interesting ad on Craigslist:
political writer/researcher/investigative reporter (San Diego)

Date: 2011-07-28, 12:56AM PDT
Reply to: 

New political news and truth watchdog project.
It’s internet based and is independent thinking (non party affiliation) and embraces conservative core values.
Seeks writer (conservative journalist if possible) and a top notch researcher plus an investigative reporter.
Project comprises of daily news coverage, comprehensive analysing of issues, digest news, and an educational format.
Website development/management helpful but not mandatory.
Full or part time
Military/veterans and disabled veterans welcome


The ads raised some doubts in my skeptical journo mind. Here they are:

1: I’m always suspicious of ads that don’t disclose the name of the prospective employer. Who are these people? Do they have a track record in journalism? And most importantly for prospective employees: Do they have money? (If they want a top-notch researcher, they’d better be willing to pay top-notch dollars). There may be a legitimate reason for the secrecy, but fly-by-night outfits are notorious for acting this way.

2: The equation of “independent thinking” with not having a political affiliation is disingenuous. I’ve written here about the deception of lefty groups that conflate non-partisanship with being independent. It’s just as deceptive on the right.

3: What does this organization mean by “conservative core values”? What one conservative considers a core value might not be so to another conservative. Anyone applying for a job with this group should ask for clarification.

Suspicions aside, I’d welcome a new conservative publication in San Diego. It would add to the local journalism community’s ideological diversity, as well as adding more journalism jobs. (Something I think journalists of all political persuasions can heartily endorse).

Since this outfit is already placing recruiting ads, it’s time to introduce itself to the community. There is no better place to do so than on a highly read San Diego political blog just swarming with conservatives, namely SD Rostra.


 (DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion, and not necessarily that of my employer, the North County Times.)



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