Krvaric in SDUT: I’m a Republican. Here’s what I think about partisan politics in 2018.

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This ran over the weekend in The San Diego Union-Tribune… 

by Tony Krvaric, Chairman, Republican Party of San Diego County

“I want to become an American.”

Those words were uttered when I was just 14 years old, living in Sweden. My parents had fled communist Yugoslavia to arrive in Sweden in search of a better life. While growing up in Sweden was great and comfortable, there was something missing.

President Ronald Reagan’s message about American exceptionalism, Judeo-Christian values, opportunities offered by a free enterprise system and standing up to evil oppressive regimes like the Soviet Union resonated with me. So at a young age I decided I wanted to become an American.

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  1. “It’s up to us to start thinking of ourselves and those around us as, simply, Americans. ”

    No thank you. This sort of nationalistic thinking has gradually destroyed the foundations of the republic. Unfortunately, the GOP was founded on this error, so I understand why Mr. Krvaric’s holds this point of view as Chairman. I choose not to participate.

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  3. So, if I understand the point, an older white gentleman says women should stop worrying about securing equal pay for equal work, families in black neighborhoods should stop examining how their access to quality public education compares to areas with mostly white people, and atheists should just stop being difficult and embrace a nationalistic mashup of patriotism and judeo-christian faith.

    I humbly disagree.

    A team is a collection of players. They can work together toward common goals, but they can also be examined and measured within the context of their individual performance in a specific role. The successes or failures of a team can be broken down into component parts. The team can become stronger and better by understanding where they are strong, and where they can do better. Smart leaders constantly evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and change strategy to bring help where it’s needed most.

    It’s true in a sports team; it’s true in a business; it’s true in a country.

  4. At the Republican Convention in Cleveland the CA delegation had new seat assignments every day. I knew when I got to the floor to look for mine, I would find that I was surrounded by all genders, races, religions, and cultural backgrounds…but that they would all be Americans and they would all be Republicans. Kind of a great way to spend ones’ day, surrounded by Americans and Republicans….because though I knew we were all different, in the end we were working toward the same goal, making our Country the best it can be.

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