Know Your Taxpayer-Friendly Candidates on Election Day

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In this difficult economy, San Diego families have made financial cutbacks, and small business owners are making difficult sacrifices to keep their doors open to the public. Unemployment is still high, and sales revenues in our region are sagging. Now isn’t the time for a tax increase, but elected officials at San Diego City Hall and San Diego Unified School District San Diego are pushing exactly that case now to the voters, with Proposition D and Proposition J.

Set aside their arguments and reasoning for a second, and just ask yourself honestly: do these elected officials represent *you* and your principles?

Enough is enough! This November 2nd, let’s elect candidates who won’t put tax increases on the negotiation table. Let’s elect candidate who will protect the interests of taxpayers, not special interests, and prioritize pension reform and cutting government waste once in office. When it comes to fixing the fiscal health of our local and state governments, the job is far from over. Let’s send City Hall and Sacramento real taxpayer advocates to speak on our behalf!

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC, the political arm of one of the oldest and most-respected taxpayer organizations in the country, has endorsed the following San Diego candidates for elected office:

  • State Senate District 36 Joel Anderson
  • State Senate District 38 Mark Wyland
  • State Assembly District 75 Nathan Fletcher
  • State Assembly District 79  Derrick Roach
  • San Diego County Assessor Ernie Dronenburg
  • Chula Vista City Council Larry Breitfelder
  • Escondido City Council Marie Waldron
  • San Diego City Council Lorie Zapf

Congratulations to all the candidates who received this prized endorsement! Receiving an endorsement from the HJTA PAC for a local race is very unusual, as a general policy they do not get involved in city elections. Those that have been endorsed have earned a high level of trust to uphold the public interest, and guard taxpayer dollars from waste, fraud, and abuse.


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