Kersey switches to Independent: San Diego City Council bleeding red?

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San Diego City Councilmember Mark Kersey, once a leader in the local Young Republican chapter, in a series of tweets today announced he is registering as an Independent:

“My record at City Hall has been independent-minded and bipartisan. That’s because it is my responsibility to answer to, and do what I believe is right for, all the people of San Diego, regardless of party affiliation.

“City Council offices are, after all, nonpartisan.

“Make no mistake: both parties have plenty of good and decent members. But today’s political climate rewards ideologues, not problem-solvers. I ran for office to rebuild San Diego, not localize the debate over federal and state partisan malice.

“For these reasons I have decided to disconnect from the polarized prism of partisan politics and become an independent. My decision is based not on a single issue or vote but something I have been wrestling with for some time.

“I will continue to work towards bipartisan solutions to our City’s issues for the final two years of my term, as I have over the last six.”

This follows State Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, representing much of the same area as Kersey, switching from Republican to Democrat in January.

On the nine-member City Council, the Kersey “move to the middle” leaves Chris Cate and Scott Sherman as the lone two Republicans, along with six Democrats. Dems had a 5-4 majority prior to the November 2018 election, when Republican Lorie Zapf lost her seat to Democrat Jennifer Campbell.

“Always proud to call you my colleague and friend, Mark,” tweeted Mark Cafferty, CEO of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. “That will never change regardless of the letter they put next to your name. Thank you for your continued leadership, thoughtfulness and support on everything we have worked on together. #Respect See you soon.”

Local GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric reacted: “Kersey will find that there is scant support outside of the Republican Party for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited, efficient government. Anyone who subscribes to those principles is welcome in our party any time.”


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  1. Read Kersey’s reasons. Laughed at the weak justification for being a sellout. Just another Nathan Fletcher trying to position himself to run for some other office. It’s all about being elected again so you don’t have to work a real job.

    No loyalty to the Republican grass roots volunteers who supported him and worked hard to elect him. Just a political opportunist.

  2. Post
  3. Fletcher, Maienschein and now Kersey. When one leaves the Party, you can certainly convince yourself to put the blame on that person. When three leave, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and ask why.

  4. Hypocrisy: A good question, why? The only thing I admire about Democrat leftists is that they stick together like the Mafia.

    I think I know why. There are plenty of rewards for toeing the leftist line. Fletcher got a cush job making big bucks at Qualcomm for years doing nothing, a trophy wife, Lorena, to lead him around like a yard pony, and a huge war chest courtesy of Lorena for the Supervisor’s race. The only drawback is that Fletcher can’t look himself in the mirror because he sold his soul years ago.

    Is there any other reason you can think of Hypocrisy?

  5. Daniel,

    It is not my job to analyze why elected officials and voters are deserting the Republican Party. I do however think that loyal Reupublicans, the few that are left, better figure it out, and soon before there is no longer a party to leave.

  6. Mark Kersey…no longer a Patriot…now simply a Quisling.

    Whether you sell out your party or your country…it’s still proof of a major character flaw.

  7. Fletcher, Maienschein, and Kersey can’t look themselves in the mirror because they sold their souls for power. Sad little people.

  8. “Whether you sell out your party or your country…” Seriously? Are you saying that is just as important to be loyal to the Republican Party as it to be a loyal American?

  9. Hypocrisy: Seriously? You’re going to nitpick her comments?

    Enjoy your moment in the sun. It won’t last long. Whether it’s the multi-billion dollar Democrat High Speed Rail fiasco, the Democrats in SANDAG’s illegal attempt to take road money and use it on mass-transit, or the new predatory Gas and DMV tax that is causing tremendous harm to lower income people in San Diego, we can always count on the Democrats to do things to waste money and harm the working men and women of San Diego. The average person is beginning to realize that most of the problems in the state are caused by the Democrats and they will vote you out. Can’t wait.

  10. Daniel,

    I don’t think I was nitpicking as I do believe that many partisans (Democrats as well as Republicans) believe that loyalty to The Party is the same thing as loyalty to the country. I hope you would agree that is scary and a true threat to our democracy.

    As for Democrats destroying California, talk to me when when we pass Germany and Japan to be the third largest economy in the world.

  11. 19%. That’s the poverty rate for California; highest in the nation.

    1,000,000. That’s the number of people who’ve moved from California since the last census.

    Just two measurements to show how Democrats are destroying California.

  12. Marshall,

    People also move TO California. Per the last census in 2010, California had a population of 37,253,956 ( The current population is 40,017,007 ( That is actually a NET increase of more than 2.7 million.

    You are correct that we have a serious income inequality problem. The fifth largest economy in the world shouldn’t have as much poverty as we do, but I am curious – when did Republicans start caring about income inequality or even about the poor in general?

  13. “but I am curious – when did Republicans start caring about income inequality or even about the poor in general?”

    Real funny. Maybe you should audition for open mike night as a comic.

    With the high poverty rate in California and with the biggest differences in income and wealth in areas represented by Democrats , maybe the question should be “Why don’t Democrats care about poverty or the people suffering from poverty?”

  14. Marshall,

    So you ignored my first paragraph where I corrected your statistics and showed that California is still growing. Remember, even though our President may disagree, facts are facts and they do matter.

    On your point, you are probably correct that income inequality is worse in areas run by Democrats. To have inequality, not only do you need people who are poor but you also need rich successful people too. There aren’t many of those in areas run by Republicans.

  15. Hypocrisy: Spoken like a true politician. No such thing as income inequality, you earn what you work for based on your education, ambition, hard work and luck. That’s the American way. So tell me how your horrible Gas and DMV tax helps working families. It doesn’t. Come July 1, the Gas and DMV taxes are going up again since you built in yearly increases. I think it’s truly disgusting that you Democrats are causing tremendous harm to the working class people of San Diego. It’s not for the roads, it’s to cover the multi-billion dollar pensions used to pay off the public employees for voting for you, year after cynical year. To be a Democrat, you have to suspend common sense and decency.

  16. Daniel,

    “you earn what you work for based on your education, ambition, hard work and luck.”

    Agreed. Making a wise choice on who your parents are helps too.

  17. Hypocrisy: Wrong again. My parents were uneducated and dirt poor. I was raised in La Puente, one of the worst barrios in Southern California. Went to Bassett High School, a gang high school. I have a BA and an MBA, paid for with 30 hours a week work and student loans. No excuses for anyone not to succeed in America. I paid off all my student loans.

  18. Daniel,

    Do you know the difference between anecdotal and statistically relevant?

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