Jerry Kern will run for Oceanside Mayor … incumbent Jim Wood backed Failed bid to recall Kern in 2009

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News from Oceanside Councilman Jerry Kern:  he will run for Mayor in 2012.  In December 2009, Kern faced a Recall election, largely organized by a public employees union.  Mayor Jim Wood backed Kern’s removal…. But  with strong support from the Republican Party of San Diego, Mr. Kern won a smashing 63% victory from Oceanside voters, defeating the recall….. OK, that’s the “back story” which will make for a great race if Mayor Wood seeks a new term.   Here is Jerry’s Kern’s statement for Mayor:

“Dear Friends,

After careful consideration with family, friends, and colleagues; it is my great pleasure to announce that I will seek the office of mayor for the City of Oceanside.

Oceanside is a city full of opportunities with a promising future, given the proper leadership. I know I will bring vision, energy, thoughtful leadership, and responsiveness to tackling the issues that will impact the future quality of life in our community.

I believe we deserve a government that is accountable: a government that creates strategic, comprehensive visions that will benefit the taxpayers and implements them with an eye towards the future rather than the past, without letting special interests or vocal minorities guide the process. I believe we deserve a government that is cooperative: a government that cultivates and fosters collaborative, open relationships with our educational and business communities to create regional solutions to what are oftentimes truly regional problems. I believe we deserve a government that is responsive, visionary, and focuses on tackling the big issues of our day.

I believe that Oceanside needs a strong leader over the next few years to help provide Oceanside with the strong foundation needed to build economic viability.

Please join my efforts to help Oceanside meet its full potential for a more promising and brighter future.

This all begins with the campaign kick off of Jerry Kern for mayor.
When: Saturday, August 20th at 2:00 p.m.

Where: 1401 S. El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA. 92054 (S/W corner of Oceanside Blvd. & El Camino Real)

Thank you so much for being a critical factor in helping my campaign get underway. Whether you donate, volunteer, attend an event, or voice your concerns as a citizen; please know that I am truly grateful for your continued support. I am counting on you as we move forward with the campaign. Please bring your family and friends. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the kick off!

Thank you,
Jerry Kern



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