“It’s In The Voters’ Hands” — Comprehensive Pension Reform Qualifies For San Diego Ballot

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One hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred ninety one. That’s how many San Diegans signed the petition to qualify Comprehensive Pension Reform for the June 2012 ballot, the City Clerk confirmed today. The initiative’s authors — Mayor Jerry Sanders, City Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer and City Councilmember Carl DeMaio — joined the Lincoln Club, San Diego County Taxpayers Association, Councilmember Lorie Zapf and many more to announce this latest victory on the road to permanent pension reform. They also reaffirmed their commitment to running an aggressive campaign to establish fair and sustainable employee benefits and ensure local government’s focus on community services — not employee pensions — is restored.

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November 8, 2011
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Comprehensive Pension Reform Qualifies for the Ballot

After record number of San Diegans sign petitions, City Clerk certifies Pension Reform measure for ballot

San Diego — Today, the City Clerk of San Diego certified the Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) ballot measure – bringing pension reform one step closer to reality for taxpayers in San Diego.

“The City Clerk’s verification that we have 115,991 valid signatures, well above the required amount, is evidence that San Diego voters support real reform of the city’s pension system and endorse the current effort to restore fiscal responsibility in the city,” said T.J. Zane, Chairman of the Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego campaign.

“With overwhelming public support, we have taken a major step forward in reforming San Diego’s public employee pension system,” said Mayor Jerry Sanders. “San Diego has the opportunity to become a national model in pension reform, and I can’t think of a better place than America’s Finest City to lead the charge.”

“I believe San Diegans will strongly support Comprehensive Pension Reform at the ballot box in June 2012,” said City Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer. “This initiative is expected to save more than $1 billion that we can invest in our neighborhoods for street repair, parks and public safety.”

“Pension reform is now where it should be – in the hands of San Diego voters,” said City Councilman Carl DeMaio. “After years of fiscal crisis, service cuts, and higher fees, the voters can use the ballot box to impose a comprehensive solution to end unsustainable pension payouts in city government.”

“San Diego taxpayers will now have an opportunity to vote for a radical change to government employee pension benefits. I look forward to debating the merits of the measure in the months ahead,” said Lani Lutar, President and CEO of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association.

The Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) measure was certified upon a count conducted by the City Clerk’s office. The campaign turned in more than 145,000 signatures two weeks ago. The law governing charter changes requires 94,346 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. According to law, the City Council must take action within 10 days to place the measure on the ballot.

For more information about Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego, please visit: http://www.RealPensionReform.com.

Paid for by Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego (CPR for San Diego) with major funding by The Lincoln Club of San Diego County and San Diegans for Pension Reform, advocates for responsible city finances.



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  1. Why “IT’S IN THE TAXPAYERS’ HANDS” in quotes? I don’t see it in the actual text of the document.

    Also, just a point of fact here: It’s now in voters’ hands, not the taxpayers. Not all taxpayers can vote on it.

  2. The quote is from a news conference that just occured. However, I changed the title to “voters” to better reflect statements both in the press release in this post AND stated at the news conference. Thanks.

  3. Beware, Matt Awbrey, the Grammar Fairy is always lurking. Especially when Republicans are winning and the Grammar Fairy can’t think of anything else to say.

  4. A Slow News Day:

    “Pension reform qualifies for ballot, but Rostra blogger misquotes DeMaio in headline”

  5. There is a difference between voters and taxpayers. It’s an accurate point that also misses the point — which is, pension reform is now poised to go before San Diego voters.

  6. Laura: There’s no end to stupidity as evidenced by the Ohio voters approving the lavish salaries, benefits, and pensions of the public employee unions. Fortunately in San Diego the voters have gotten wise to the collusion of corrupt city officials and the public employees union to give themselves outrageous salaries, benefits and pensions far in excess of what the average voter gets. The city is broke and the gravy train is done. Get used to it.

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