It’s Going to be an Ugly Eight Weeks!

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Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric has taken a keen interest in who is communicating for Nathan Fletcher.

On Thursday, Krvaric tweeted to Rachel Laing: “Just to be transparent, you’re now advocating for Nathan Fletcher in a paid capacity, right?”

Laing recently left Mayor Jerry Sanders to take a job as communications director at Public Policy Strategies. Tom Shepard, who is running Fletcher’s campaign, is listed as a strategic advisor at Public Policy Strategies. He works in the same office, running Tom Shepard & Associates.

The Republican Party recently endorsed Carl DeMaio, one of Fletcher’s opponents for San Diego Mayor. Shortly after the endorsement, Krvaric switched his Twitter avatar to a DeMaio campaign flyer.

“I work for Phil Rath at Public Policy Strategies. Tom has his own comms director, as does Nathan’s campaign,” Laing tweeted to Krvaric, who pushed back.

“I heard @NathanFletcher’s comm’s director @AmyJane12 actually works for @AssemblyDems leader @SpeakerPerez. Is that true?” he tweeted.

The party chairman then sent a similar tweet to Amy Thoma, Fletcher’s deputy campaign manager:

“I was told today that you are actually on @speakerperez payroll – not @nathanfletcher. Is that true?”

Fletcher responded, signing his tweet with his initials:

“@TonyKrvaric takes an awfully big man to attack my staff. as usual your facts are competently wrong. NF #bigman #embarrassment”

On Saturday, Krvaric sent an email to Tony Manolatos, who handles communications for Rostra, asking him if he was working for Fletcher.

Manolatos does some work for Tom Shepard and Associates and for Public Policy Strategies, but he is not working for Fletcher or his campaign.

The same day, the very liberal Lucas O’Connor accused Manolatos of working for Krvaric and DeMaio.

It’s going to be an ugly eight weeks!


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  1. Will Krvaric be transparent about the percentage of “administrative fees” his Party has negotiated it will take from DeMaio’s member comm account?

    Thought not.

  2. Who cares who works for whom?

    Let’s not forget that Fletcher says he abhors the behavior which lends itself to divisive politics yet he’s the lightning rod which is driving it.

    This is how winning campaigns are run, right?

  3. So I noticed my comment was taken down. And just why was that?

    Was I hitting a little too close to home? Maybe just a little too close to the truth?

    Come on now, rules rules, we don’t need no stinking rules. Operating just like Krvaric are you now? So predictable.

    A cogent reply would be nice. How about demonstrating a little spunk rather than a spaghetti spine? It’s no wonder to me none of you are veterans, much less combat veterans.

    Go ahead and keep protecting Krvaric. As I use to say in school, “you keep doin’ what you be doin’, you keep gettin’ what you be gettin’. So is that good news for you and your future?” Well?

    When commenters choose to name call and get into unsubstantiated personal attacks, we will do as we please with their postings. There is a difference between opinion and fact. Strong opinions are fine, but not disguised as facts. You no doubt have strong opinions about certain individuals, but certainly a man of your ability with a word can find a way to get a point across without name-calling. We do note your continued implication that no one but a veteran, much less a combat veteran, is qualified to do anything worthwhile. Good luck getting elected on that platform. –Greg (Admin)

  4. I am not supporting Nathan Fletcher, but for the life me I don’t understand why who is working for whom matters. It strikes me as sort of Inside the Beltway stuff. Suffice to say that despite his recent defection, Nathan Fletcher has ties to what some view as “establishment Republicans;” I think this has been fairly well documented in the posts on Rostra as well as in the media that documented his decision to leave the party.

    For me, the very changes that Fletcher purports to have caused him to leave the party are those that make me more enthusiastic to be a Republican. Having switched parties in 2008, I have had numerous occasions for doubt, but the endorsement of DeMaio wasn’t another such occasion.

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