Is Lucy holding the ball for the GOP in Anderson-Vaus race?

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by Lou Russo

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice? What kind of fool do I need to be, to be fooled four times?

San Diego County Republicans have been here three times before. Remember Nathan Fletcher? Of course we do. As soon as he didn’t get the party endorsement, he became an “Independent,” then a Democrat (or revealed what he had been all along). Then we also have the DA, Summer Stephan, who was all Republican until she got into office, then all of a sudden could no longer get the DA’s office to function unless she too, left the Republican Party. Assemblyman Brian Maienschein rode us for what we were worth then jumped ship.

So, now we sit here, with Steve Vaus, Supervisor Dianne Jacob’s anointed one, who didn’t get the Party endorsement in running for the Board of Supervisors. Neither did Jacob. Curious she wouldn’t just “ride off into the sunset.” Are we getting set up for that football to be pulled out again?

What has the hair on the back of my neck standing up is that The San Diego Union-Tribune, while endorsing every Democrat it could pull out from under a rock, also endorsed Vaus. There are so many reasons the UT would do that, from Vaus’ emphasis on mass transit to his willingness to raise taxes, but what really has me worried is that I can see Lucy’s fingers starting to twitch on that football. As a retired Marine Officer I know that deception is vital to having one’s plan work. I’m afraid we may be looking at the Kristin Gaspar race in trepidation without realizing what a possible Vaus victory could become, another “Independent” or Democrat on the Board of Supervisors.

There’s something we all know that can avert all of this. That is that no matter what, Joel Anderson will ALWAYS be a Republican/Conservative. And all we have to do is NOT let Lucy hold the ball in the first place.

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Russo is a former member of the Alpine Planning Group and former San Diego Rural Fire Board member, as well as a Trump Delegate from California to the 2016 Republican National Convention.


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