In yet another surprise move, Fletcher returning to Republican Party

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Although the official announcement won’t take place until later this week, SD Rostra confirmed today that former Assemblyman and 2012 San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher is returning to the Republican Party.

Fletcher caused a stir by leaving the GOP and registering non-partisan during last year’s mayoral contest, after failing to win the party’s endorsement in the race. Many political watchers believed the move was a strategic gamble to breathe life into his campaign effort. Athough Fletcher received a flurry of notoriety as a result, it ultimately wasn’t enough as he finished third behind Bob Filner and Carl DeMaio in the June primary election.

Yet, the resulting bad blood between Fletcher and local Republican leaders makes the news of his return somewhat of a surprise, if not a complete shock.

Discussions between Fletcher and the GOP have taken place for several weeks, Rostra confirmed. Although neither Fletcher nor San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric confirmed the information directly, they both refused to deny it.

However, those close to Fletcher and Krvaric did confirm the story. “Fletcher is mulling a possible run against Mayor Bob Filner in 2016 and wants the party’s backing,” said local GOP activist Brian Kelly.

He also said that later this week Fletcher would release a strategic document with a Republican theme, entitled “Road Map to Repentance.”

For those reading this on Tuesday, please note it was posted Monday.

Now move along, there’s nothing to see here. Have a great week!


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  1. Barry, I earlier noted the April Fools aspect of your story on John Dadian’s website, and elsewhere. Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on ME, boy!

    But I STILL like the [bogus] assertion that Fletcher is issuing his “Road Map to Repentance.” THAT’s funny!

  2. Funny! Someone should compile the local April Fool’s spoofs.

    The OB Rag had a doozy: Manchester buys Padres, changes name:

    East County Magazine had several. Our most popular:

    Movie studio, amusement park to replace Grossmont Center:

    Backcountry towns secede from County, create ultimately wildlife preserve:

    ECM acquires surveillance drone:


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  4. Mole, yes, we understand the game and your reference. The Huh? was an aloud wonder if Erl knew the above post was a joke.

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