If Sara Jacobs isn’t promoting Chris Stoddard, what’s this?

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At least this has the disclaimer on it.

In case you missed the flap of the last few days in the 53rd Congressional District, the Georgette Gomez campaign filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against her Democrat opponent, Sara Jacobs, alleging that Jacobs or her supporters are promoting the campaign of another rival, Republican Chris Stoddard, without the proper disclosure information showing the source of the funding.

Insider stuff, yes, but significant in that if true, Jacobs is purposely trying to create a November run-off election against Stoddard instead of a fellow Democrat, a situation which a Democratic candidate would love in the strongly Dem-leaning 53rd.

Is “promoting” an opponent legal? Sure. As long as the source of the funding is included.

Times of San Diego, NBC7 and others reported that Jacobs and her supporters deny the allegations.

Yet on Facebook this weekend, the above comparison ad was running, clearly showing the Jacobs campaign behind it.

Please don’t say, “But that’s an attack against Stoddard, not in support of him.” Democrats may see the ad that way; Republicans on the other hand…they may think very positively about Stoddard after seeing it.

Ain’t politics fun?


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  1. Scott Lewis @vosdscott says:
    Nobody has to pretend this is a mystery. Of course Jacobs prefers a Republican in the runoff.

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