How You Know You Are Failing

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How do you know your campaign is imploding? Below is an easy to follow checklist for all candidates.

  • Are you the only Republican who isn’t supporting comprehensive reform?
  • Did you only raise $138,000 while your opponents raised over $300,000 and $270,000 plus matching funds?
  • Are you a Republican with a Democrat consultant and a Democrat fundraiser?
  • Did you just let your Republican campaign manager go?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions then your campaign is officially a failure. Congratulations.

My observation, you have a serious problem when your consultant is going to be turning out Democrats for Sherri Lightner and Todd Gloria at the same time you’re trying to turn out Republicans for your race.


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  1. My take on Bonnie Dumanis is that, years ago, this was pretty much a GOP town. So she chose to be a Republican.

    Law and order always plays well with Republicans. The fiscal issues were not in her purview.

    Dumanis is a classic RINO, perhaps more comfortable courting Democrats’ votes than Republicans.

    Oh she’ll still arduously woo the GOP movers and shakers who have always had a soft spot for her. And she can pretty much be counted on to support each and every downtown subsidy.

    The unions know she is malleable. Like Dick Murphy, Dumanis would be easy for them to work with — and to mold to their purposes.

    In short, she will be a nice fit as Mayor — if we wish to continue the Golding, Murphy and (to an uncomfortable extent) Sanders model of get-along, go-along government.

    Come to think of it, as mayor, Dumanis would make Sanders look like a rabid hard-nose by comparison. And our city’s stately decline would only accelerate.

  2. If Sunshine says $138K, I’m buying that. Somehow, some way, Sunshine always has the Inside Skinny and the G-2.

  3. Sunshine: A tip… If you have hard information about raised monies that no one else has, that’s a breaking news story, not a passing reference in a post about something else. Please try to cite your exclusive information, even if just to say that you have it on good authority or that you have it from a campaign source.

  4. Damn. I said $138k, Dumanis’ actual number was $147k raised (not counting loans). I was off by $9k, guess that came in last minute. Apologies to everyone for the slight misfire, but overall I think I still provided pretty accurate info.

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