How long can Filner insanity continue?

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Downtown insiders have been grumbling about Mayor Bob Filner’s outlandish behavior even before he took the Oath of Office.  For those that know Filner, there’s little that is surprising…aside from how it can actually get worse from week-to-week.  As a member of Congress, the collateral damage he could inflict was limited given he was only 1 of 435.  But now, he’s the chief executive of the 8th largest city in the nation and his complete inability to work with anyone – Republican or Democrat – has ground the city’s reform efforts to a halt.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer, thank God, has put together an impressive coalition with his four business-friendly colleagues and a sometimes-sensible-swing-vote in Council President Todd Gloria.  Gloria’s addition to the coalition probably has as much to do with trying to contain Filner’s idiocy as it does a recognition that Faulconer’s team is actually trying to move the city forward in spite of an insane mayor and four bought-and-paid-for labor shills making up the rest of the council.

The events of last week – the unnecessary and capricious attack on City Attorney Jan Goldsmith’s deputy, Andrew Jones, and the resignation (firing?) of Deputy Mayor Allen Jones lay bare how dysfunctional this man is.  It might be time for a media outlet other than the U-T to invest a few headlines into an examination into what is going on at City Hall.  KPBS and the VOSD pride themselves on their investigative journalism but apparently only as long as it involves investigating right-of-center interests.  They’d contribute a lot to the civic discussion – and their credibility, if they’d take a closer look at the Filner time-bomb that is the remaining 3.5 years of his reign.

Finally, while seemingly the most sensible antidote to the Filner plague would be a recall, it is not realistic.  The institutions that anchor this city need to unite in an effort to mitigate the damage this man can do or “Enron by the Sea” will be the good ol’ days.


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  1. “Downtown insiders have been grumbling about Mayor Filner’s outlandish behavior EVEN BEFORE he took the oath of office.”

    I guess there never was any intent to treat the duly elected Mayor fairly. That being said, his behavior has been boorish and he appears to be a very difficult boss to work for and I wish that weren’t true, but he is certainly not the first successful person with these personality flaws. In fact, I don’t remember the outrage from these same downtown insiders when Jerry Sanders’ COO and “Co-Mayor,” Ronne Froman, resigned during his first term. I also don’t remember any outrage when Mayor Sanders famously told a political rival “F… You, Steve.”

    A few other quick comments to the post above:

    1. Sherri Lightner is clearly not a “bought-and-paid for labor shill.” The Labor Council actually ran a hit piece AGAINST HER in the primary. There is no love lost between the Councilwoman and Labor.

    2. I don’t know if the writer actually reads the Voice of San Diego, but they have almost daily printed something critical about Mayor Filner.

    3. As for the incident with the Deputy City Attorney: As Jan Goldsmith has said repeatedly, the City Attorney’s office is the City’s largest law firm and although he may not be that firm’s only client, the Mayor clearly is a client. When a client loses confidence in one of the firm’s attorneys, it is good policy for the firm to assign a different attorney. Andrew Jones never should have been in that room in the first place.

  2. The problem with VOSD is that they’ve lost their focus and give off the appearance that they’re above covering city hall and Filner’s antics. Their reporters never attend council meetings, non-mayoral press conferences, etc. Their government reporter is now on the cracked sidewalk beat. They also have a habit of fact checking or weighing in on issues that they’ve never written about. From an outside perspective, it seems like their reporters only write about the issues that THEY think are interesting and not the issues that their readers actually care about.

    Last week, Scott Lewis wrote a piece called Bob’s Brutal Week. He mentioned the Sunroad extortion scandal, Filner’s treatment of the City Attorney in closed session, and rumors about Allen Jones. The only original reporting in the article was a Q&A he did with Filner where Bob denied that Jones had quit and that he was escorted out with boxes. That Q&A turned out to be hogwash as 10 News later confirmed with Jones that he had resigned.

    Voice did not report on any of the other scandals that made up Bob’s brutal week. That should be unacceptable to an organization that claims to be the voice for a city and prides itself on investigative journalism.

  3. And then there was the other incident earlier this year where Bob Filner assaulted a female city attorney with wadded up paper balls….and there is the incident where Bob Filner attacked a TSA agent.

    Being a politician who is proactive is an entirely different animal to being outright abusive.

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