How Danon and Roberts COULD capitalize on Carl Hilliard’s $100K donation — first instance for this County election Law

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Here is a little-known County election law, “activated” now for the  first time by Carl Hilliard’s $100,000 donation to his own race for 3rd District County Supervisor.  The law imposes a limit of $500-per-donation on County candidates… but that  “Lid” comes off  if a candidate spends $100K + of their own funds.  NOW, my sources say, candidates Steve Danon and David Roberts could accept individual donations of ANY amount, until those new gifts reach a combined $100,000. Example: 10 donors of $10K each,  or  50 donors of $2K each,  would now be legit.  Do Steve Danon and/or David Roberts want to take that opportunity?  Stay tuned!…. (Barry Jantz’s  initial story is here).

…… A Couple important Things worth mentioning

Del Mar Mayor Hilliard has Lysa Ray as his campaign treasurer.  Lysa Ray is well-respected in the SD political community as a thorough professional.  As you will see in her letter below, she dots-the-Is-and-crosses-all-the-Ts,  on this matter.  The Hilliard campaign is playing within the rules as they are written.

* SD Rostra welcomes input from the DANON or ROBERTS campaigns on this development.


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