Houston, We Do have a WAVE ! — Scott Sherman, Mary England, Ray Ellis, Carl DeMaio, Brian Bilbray all in 1st Place– Props A & B sweeping… Surf’s Up

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Greetings, Politics Fans.  The numbers you saw at 8:05 pm last night  represented  45% of all  the primary votes to be counted in SD County.  These nfigures  reveal  the Contour of what is happening, and for Republicans  it is  GOOD  almost wherever you look.    George Plescia running  even with Marty Block (SD 39) , Mark Powell  leading the Dist. A City schools  incumbent, Judge candidadtes Jim Miller Jr. and Gary Kreep  both in cliffhangers,  Scott Sherman, Ray Ellis and Brian Bilbray all in 1st place.  And Mary England’s spectacular triumph in AD 79 .   YES, the scheduled “Wave  has arrived courtesy of the Big Kahuna  (Tony Krvaric)  and many other GOP surfers, Ho-Dads and gremmies.  Stay stoked, Dudes.


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  1. Congrats to the Republicans. As a fiscally conservative Dem, I supporter your efforts on the ballot propositions and a few of your candidates too. Is it alright for a Democrat to say…Stop the Spending.

  2. Democrats can indeed call for reforms — IF they decide that the primary role of government is to provide public services — as opposed to primarily provide terrific jobs for government employees.

    More and more liberals are probably wrestling with this problem. Should they continue to be slavishly supportive to the unions (who are now the driving force within the Democratic Party), or should they change the priority of the party?

    I can even understand the liberals’ desire to expand government — they have a much longer laundry list of government program than I do that they’d like to see implemented. But today they face their version of the “guns or butter” problem — in this case, “unions or services.”

  3. IMO, the issue of massive government debt and future obligations, in the City of San Diego, the state of California, and in Washington, is an attack on my children’s future. Increasing debt and government spending needs to framed as an assault on the next generation future standard of living.

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