Hemmerling Endorsed for Sheriff by the Deputy City Attorney’s Association

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Press Release

The Deputy City Attorney’s Association (DCAA) of San Diego has endorsed Republican chief criminal prosecutor John Hemmerling for County Sheriff.

“I am pleased to announce that the Deputy City Attorneys Association of San Diego has endorsed your candidacy for San Diego County Sheriff in support of your demonstrated commitment to the criminal justice system and the protection of all San Diegans, notably the most vulnerable of our citizens including children, elders, and victims of domestic violence,” stated DCAA President Shelley Webb. “Per our By-Laws, your endorsement required at least two-thirds consensus of our membership to agree that you are the best candidate for the position. You far exceeded that number and we are proud to endorse your candidacy. Congratulations!”

Hemmerling served nine years as a San Diego Police Officer, patrolling Mid-City, the toughest crime area in the city. Hemmerling is also a retired Marine Corps Reserve Colonel. As a Marine artillery officer and forward observer during the Gulf War in 1990, Hemmerling served directly under legendary Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis. During the Iraq War in 2005, then-Lt. Col. Hemmerling commanded an 800 Marine battalion responsible for escorting hundreds of convoys through combat zones, and oversaw four jail compounds.

Hemmerling’s career spans 28 years of dedicated service to the City of San Diego and 30 years of faithful military service. For the past six years, Hemmerling has headed the Criminal and Community Justice Divisions in the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, led 75 lawyers and 125 support staff, and prosecuted more than 18,000 misdemeanor criminal cases a year. He also served as the top legal advisor to two former San Diego Police Chiefs, including Shelley Zimmerman who has endorsed him.

The San Diego Deputy City Attorney’s Association represents the approximately 170 dedicated lawyers that serve in the City Attorney’s Civil Litigation, Civil Advisory, and Criminal and Community Justice Divisions.

Support our endorsed Republican candidate for sheriff at https://www.johnhemmerlingforsheriff.com.



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  1. Of course.

    Rob Bonda, (D) loves him and his red flag law also. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/story/2021-07-13/california-attorney-general-praises-san-diegos-use-of-red-flag-laws-to-thwart-gun-violence

    I’m still waiting to hear about Hemmerling’s commitment to de facto “shall issue” for San Diego County should he be elected. (Methinks I’ve a long wait.)

    BTW, does it seem odd to anyone else that Summer said she couldn’t function as the DA as a Republican and became an “independent” yet the same people who precipitated that are now endorsing a RINO (I mean “Republican”)?

    How stupid do these people take us for?

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