Happy MLK Day and How GOP Can Learn From King’s Ultimate Victory

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As a fiscally conservative Republican, I think it’s especially important to recognize Martin Luther King Day this year.  While not all fiscal conservatives may be able to relate to the racial hatred and prejudice Dr. King endured, we can appreciate his struggle to get his message out.

“People should be judged by the content of their character, not their color of their skin.”  His message was simple, righteous, and most importantly, true.  Yet he continually struggled with people trying to portray his message and his intentions as something different than reality.  Sound familiar?

One of his timeless quotes, very applicable today is “Truth crushed to earth will rise again, because no lie can live forever.” In general I feel Republicans are engaged in debates with our liberal friends that often boil down to what is true and what is not true.  Liberals are brilliant with presenting false choices and skewing stories to advance their agenda.  Their latest attempt to paint the Arizona shooting as something that Republicans incited, shows a desperate attempt to try to twist things.  This can be extraordinarily infuriating to Republicans when it seems so obvious to many of us that their positions are so doomed to fail.

The hottest topic right now, jobs and the economy.  All true fiscal conservatives know that less taxes, less government spending, and less regulation is the pathway to reduce unemployment and improve our economy.  We can site examples of past success and failures, sometimes right next to each other.  Just ask any former East German resident what the job market was like compared to West Germany.  Or talk to a North Korean (if you can) and a South Korean about the prospect of getting good food.  Or take an example closer to home with overtaxed California to a much more economically free Texas, and one will find far more hiring opportunities and lower cost of living in the Lone Star State.  Yet the left still insists that more taxes and regulation is necessary for the economy to recover.

At a more local level, this November in San Diego, voters faced an initiative that if we did not raise taxes, politicians would have absolutely no choice but to cut police and fire services, and there were no other solutions.  Yet now that the measure has been defeated, suddenly these same politicians are now becoming more resourceful and discussing pension reform and other cost-saving ideas like contracting out certain services to the private sector.

In my opinion, the voter populous is far more informed than they were in the past.  During the impromptu San Diego’s Mayor Race, “pension reform” was not even a topic of discussion by most voters.  At the national level, few people were concerned about the spending levels our government was hitting.  Yet today, these are hot issues, and rightly so.  I suspect the bad economy has tuned voters in more, and with the wide range of media options and ease of passing information, people are getting sharper about deciphering real news, and news that is spun with agenda (such as this Arizona shooting).

As people grow more intelligent, Democrats will continue to struggle with holes in their policies and perhaps get more aggressive with trying to paint conservatives as something they are not.  Example, “if you don’t pay more taxes then you don’t care about children!”  When they do this, we must remember the blueprint that MLK abided by, which ultimately proved successful, even though it cost him his life.  We must continue to peacefully stand up and call out the left and politicians on false choices and failed policies.  In doing so, we will be successful to get voters to see through the lies, and realize that less taxes, more freedom, and more free enterprise will lead to that promised dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

-Steve Rider
(Newly Appointed Communications Committee Chairman of the San Diego Republican Party, and currently typing in the Charlotte International Airport waiting for my bag to catch up with me)


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