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ChodorovFrank Chodorov, William F. Buckley’s mentor, writes in The Rise and Fall of Society that what marks the difference between conservatism in the twentieth century and that which engaged the best minds of the eighteenth and nineteenth is,

“…there is no faultfinding with the institution itself. The State is alright, by common agreement, and it would work perfectly if the “right” people were at its helm.”

Congressman Hunter’s endorsement of Donald Trump works wonderfully with Chodorov’s critique. We still think government is alright.  We just need to get Trump in there. Never mind that Trump hasn’t demonstrated a working knowledge of why our nation became so prosperous nor has he displayed the character to submit to what made it so.

It is not surprising that Hunter endorsed Trump. I have already made my case on Rostra for why I don’t believe Hunter is a conservative.  He has not demonstrated fidelity to the ideals he took an oath to uphold.  The fact that he endorses a candidate who has been married three times, seems incapable of behaving as a gentleman and lacks the ability to apply conservative principles is a reflection on the Duncan as much as it is on the Donald.

Theologian R.C. Sproul Jr. tweeted, “You know what would make America great again? If it had the wisdom and character to laugh Trump off the stage.”

The truth is we don’t have the character. We don’t understand that the greatest threat facing our nation isn’t the national debt, terrorism or unsound economic policy. The greatest threat facing our nation is the idea that there is no such thing as transcendent principles which govern how men shall live. The greatest threat facing our nation is a belief that transcendent principles do not exist.  “Democracy” reigns.  Everything in the social order, including our inalienable rights, is subject to a vote.  Even believers are fusing humanism with their faith as they attempt to be a light in their communities.

The idea that there is no such thing as transcendent principles has allowed the state to become our idol. As government has grown the influence of the institutions (families and churches) responsible for creating the character to self-govern have decreased. Property equals power. Property equals influence.  Property equals authority. Whoever has property has power and influence and authority. A look at our nation’s progressive income tax shows an ever increasing redistribution of property from families to the state.  We are being plundered.  There is a reason we are losing our character. We are violating a fundamental principle for a just society, thou shall not steal, and are moving power, influence and authority away from the basic building block of society, the family.

Hunter is concerned about China’s currency manipulation. Really?  Just what does he think the Federal Reserve does? That’s embarrassing.

Our nation can be reformed but not until this flow of power, influence and authority is reversed.

Hunter and Trump have yet to understand this. That is why they are not leading nor part of the solution.  Anyone can tell when a person is ill but it takes a physician to recommend a cure. The three issues raised by Hunter in his U-T article (border wall, national security and the economy) are the fruit of a larger issue. It goes back to our ideas about principle.  The pathologies he describes are the result of a departure from the ideas embodied in the Declaration. A nation devoted to the ideals of the Declaration and the vehicle which redeemed them, the U.S. Constitution, are still our blueprint. Those documents have not failed. Somewhere along the way we lost the character and virtue to submit to them.

Trump is leading in the polls but he is not leading with sound ideas and that is why his noble plans will fail.  Our best plans for economic reform fail no matter how well they are carried out if they ignore economic law.  Economic laws are immutable and have their own sanctions. They operate outside the realm of politics and of strong personalities like Donald Trump.  It will do him no good to declare in the future that all triangles shall have four sides. When “We the People” rediscover these ideas our leaders will follow, reform will begin and this crisis and sanctioning will come to end.

Bold colors anyone?


EricEric Andersen is a member of the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party and former Caucus Chair for the 71st Assembly District. He is the current Chair and Co-Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego County and Co-Founder of He is a former Rock Church Citizen of the Year.



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  1. “Hunter is concerned about China’s currency manipulation. Really? Just what does he think the Federal Reserve does? That’s embarrassing.”

    Best part of this essay. Betrayal is one of the worst emotions to process. I feel it every time I look into my wallet at those green slips of paper

  2. So Eric Anderson by your post (rant), as a Republican not supporting the Republican nominee, makes you….trying to thwart the will of We The People? Good to know the Republican Committee members do not support the Republican nominee here in San Diego. The current situation in San Diego and California is CESSPOOL! None of you have made it better…only worse. I will be sure to tell all my friends you sound like a “status quo” kinda guy.

  3. Post

    “you thwart the will of the people”

    Lynn, is it your belief that the highest value of an elected is to follow the will of the people? What if the will of the people is to bring back slavery? Install single payor health care? Legalize abortion?

    I may be mistaken but unalienable rights appears to be missing from your political philosophy.

    It is my understanding, and you may disagree, that my highest calling as an elected is to uphold my oath to the U.S. Constitution.

    Trump hasn’t even been able to keep his oath to his beloved.

  4. Eric,

    Are you claiming a moral equivalence between slavery and single payer health care?

  5. “Are you claiming a moral equivalence between slavery and single payer health care?”

    HQ, you are OBSESESSED with race. Eric offered three examples of where “majority rule” could infringe upon natural rights.

    Give it a rest. You’re either race-baiting or need a lesson in freshman English

  6. Brian,

    Murder, jay walking and petty theft are all against the law but I wouldn’t use them in the same sentence to make a point about crime.

    As an aside, if you think slavery is only about race, I would respectfully suggest that it is you who needs some further education.

  7. HQ, Of COURSE our concern about slavery is race-based. Black groups — the driving force behind or never-ending concern about slavery — have no problem with real world, modern day slavery in Africa, because it’s essentially blacks enslaving blacks. Never a peep.

    After white South Africa’s apartheid terrorism was abolished, American black leaders have shown zero interest in Africa’s black-on-black brutality, their tribal holocausts, and their enslavement of fellow blacks. Not FIGURATIVE slavery — REAL slavery.

  8. Richard,

    Google “human trafficking” and then tell me how no one cares about modern day slavery.

  9. HQ, “human trafficking” in the U.S. is 90% hoax. Because legitimate examples are few and far between, the term is now used by law enforcement for prostitution — the assumption being that young women are forced into this trade.

    I’m not surprised you fell for this nonsense. But then, you were not alone.

  10. Richard,

    “90% hoax?” So, human trafficking in the U.S. is 10% factual and you are ok with that?

  11. HQ, “human trafficking is just like the Salem Witch trials of the 70’s and 80’s, where legit concerns about child abuse morphed into hundreds — indeed thousands — of people being locked up (some for life) on wild accusations no proof and with no basis in facts. Get a copy of the video The McMartin Trial for an example. Remember the “Kikki” trial locally.

    By your “logic,” you are okay with that, because SOME child abuse DOES exist. Again, I’m not surprised.

    BTW, read about all the “trafficking” arrests — almost no convictions for real slavery-type “human trafficking.” It’s the latest law enforcement and politician boogeyman. After all, EVERYONE is against human trafficking. It’s a win-win-win! And makes for good law enforcement tax raising appeals.

    BTW, my 10% real is too high (an arbitrary figure), based on the arrests and convictions. Police have VERY few actual examples of coercive trafficking. Most are prostitution cases. READ the articles!

  12. Richard and T.A.,

    Thanks for voicing your concern for those wrongly accused and/or convicted of a crime. It is not often that I read of other Republicans with similar concerns so yours is much appreciated.

    Back to my original point – I do not believe it was appropriate for Eric to use Slavery and Single Payer Health Care in the same sentence as examples of things that should be fought against even if they are favored by “the will of the people?” Do you?

  13. HQ,
    We simply clarified what it was Richard was referencing, as he had the name slightly off, and for those unfamiliar with the case, now well over two decades old.

  14. T.A.,

    Understood. Even if it wasn’t your point, I do hope you are still concerned with innocent people being wrongly charged or convicted.

  15. I used to write abut this, decrying this “devil worship” child abuse madness way back in the 1980’s and 90’s. People who were convinced that “kids don’t lie” were vociferous in their condemnation of my hue and cry. Since then the hysterical madness has all been debunked — particularly by the WALL ST JOURNAL who did terrific work ripping apart the absurdly flimsy cases.

    It was an astonishing phenomenon that the young today have little concept of. Salem witch trials on steroids.

    But many DA’s made their bones with such trumped up prosecutions (notably Janet Reno), and governors have been reluctant to pardon hapless victims convicted decades ago (yes, some are STILL in prison under clearly false charges). These spineless politicians were/are afraid that to do so would be perceived by many as being “soft on child abuse.”

  16. Post

    My comment stands as written. Ideas have consequences.

    Any individual promulgating a political system based solely on the will of “We the People” must take ownership of the consequences which could be any that I shared.

    HQ-If you are sincere about ethics and morality In government I compliment you and recommend you redirect your attention to the one proclaiming the morally illegitimate political philosophy not the one exposing its fallacy.

    “Thousands hacking at the branches to the one striking the root.”- Thoreau

  17. This may be off subject but I need to voice a concern. My concern is what is happening in our Country. I believe we are being divided by the rhetoric of one man’s thirst for ultimate power. Heated debate over ideas is not new. Our Country was born and grew up strong arguing ideas. Our Citizens were engaged and arguing with each other and participating with Government. Currently there are “camps” who fight each other as enemies rather than argue ideas as fellow Americans. Rudeness and disrespect shut down idea exchange. Demanding Voters disregard their principles and go along to get along divides Americans and Americans are pushing back. The intolerance of another’s opinion and the predictable push back is causing violence to erupt. I believe we are going down a very dangerous road with Donald Trump. Clearly, Voter apathy isn’t at this site. There are differences of opinion. For anyone who agrees with me about Mr. Trump, I encourage you to speak up outside this forum. We owe our Country to do everything possible to influence the Republican Party to “bite the bullet” and put Country over Party. We need another Candidate no matter what it takes. I’t a heavy lift but it’s the right thing to do. Thank you

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