God Bless America?

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Do those thinking less of the Chinese Government and cults think less of YouTube as well?

Was the Vatican wrong to imprison Galileo for his ideas about the earth and sun?

The folks running YouTube share something in common with the Chinese and with cults. A desire to control information. The Mikovits and Kern County ER videos on Covid-19 have been removed.

God bless America? Sweet land of liberty? Land that I love? Stand beside her?

Sorry. Not seeing it. An imaginary place whose self-evident ideas only exist in old songs.

From the “mountains to the prairies,” without all men created equal? No thank you.

To the oceans white with snow,” without being endowed with certain inalienable rights? No thanks.

I thought it would take a terrorist invasion to close our churches and markets and keep us from our loved ones dying in isolation.

Boy was I naive. I’m relating more to August Landmesser and John Milton than I ever did.

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Eric Andersen is a member of the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party, former 71st District Caucus Chair, Co-Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego County and im2moro.com. He is a former Rock Church Citizen of the Year.


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  1. Well said Mr. Andersen. We’ve become a nation of sheeple. How did this happen? To quote Voddie Baucham, “If you send your children to Caesar to be educated don’t be surprised if they come home as Romans.”

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