George Plescia For Senate Goes On Offensive

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George Plescia for State Senate Goes On Offensive
Launches New Ad on Marty Block’s vote to Kill Child Safety Reform

SAN DIEGO –  Coming on the heels of a scathing editorial by the San Diego Union Tribune, protests from parents, endless questions from talk radio, and an explosive story by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, George Plescia has captured the agenda of the campaign with the following radio ad that is running on every top radio station in San Diego. The ad highlights Assemblyman Block’s vote to kill a reform that would make it easier for school boards to fire teachers who committ crimes against children in the classroom.

“Marty Block had an opportunity to join the five Democrats and the only Independent in the Assembly in passing this reform,” said Plescia. “Every single State Senator in San Diego, Republicans and Democrats, voted for this reform. Marty Block sided with his union bosses by voting to kill this reform. The voters of San Diego deserve to know this.”

Last Month, Marty Block and Assembly Democrats blocked passage of bipartisan teacher misconduct reforms that would protect children from classroom predators.  The bipartisan legislation would have expedited the process of dismissing teachers, but only in cases involving sex abuse, drugs, or violence against children. Marty Block and Assembly Democrats voted to kill the reform.  The need for the reform was highlighted by an especially heinous case in Los Angeles, where an elementary school teacher was accused of putting cockroaches on children in the classroom and serving them food laced with his semen.  However, he could not be, and was not, fired outright but was instead paid $40,000 to retire.

Click here to listen to the new ad.

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