Generation X(citable) Conservatives Need To Stop Acting Like Liberals

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I am a Gen X conservative. I am individualistic with an anti-authoritarian streak, I am self-employed because I’ve seen how corporate America “downsized” my parents, and I prefer Swingers to The Big Chill.

I think Gen X has quietly done some extraordinary things. We didn’t invent the internet but we certainly commercialized it, creating a stupendous amount of wealth. Our generation was first to fight in the GWOT, is generous, and parent in a less hovering way than our older Boomer cousins. Gen X has quietly led in business, national defense, and serving our communities.

For a generation which came of age under Presidents Reagan and Bush, though, we are becoming a bunch of offended snowflakes. We stole this tactic from our  younger millennial cousins and it’s NOT becoming. To wit:

The tale of the Trump T-shirt in West University, Texas:

1- Liberal X-er shouts obcenities at tweeners in an ice cream line because one of them wore a Trump T shirt.
2- Offended child’s parents post Liberal X-er’s picture on social media.
3- Political battle lines are drawn and the keyboard warriors fight the “Battle Of West Houston,” lighting up Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
4- Liberal X-er immediately realizes her mistake, makes amends, and is forgiven — a truce is drawn.
5- Somebody forgot to tell the keyboard warriors who continue to fire cybershots on Facebook, launch precision smart bombs on Twitter, and carpetbomb Instagram with bunker busting memes.
6- It is discovered that said Liberal X-er is a council member. Covert conservative operatives file a criminal complaint with the local police department. Because the accused is a council member, jurisdiction is transferred to the County attorney.
7- Recall efforts are started by the mob, most of whom do not know the offender nor the offended.
8- Liberal X-er Council member publicly apologizes to the mob.
9- The recall is still happpening because “Justice must be served.”

Kellye Burke is a foul-mouthed liberal. One look at her Twitter feed reaffirms the fact that she uses emotion based-arguments rather than reason-based ones. She accentuates her unearned moral superiority with the occasional retweet of profanity. I’m sure she rationalizes her hysterics with a belief that she is doing God’s work.

But good grief. In the post-Trump age, conservative X-ers somehow feel justified in responding to apoplectic liberals’ rants in kind. We shouldn’t do that. To quote that brilliant Gen X movie Wargames, in a game of escalating “tit for tat,” THE ONLY WINNING MOVE IS NOT TO PLAY.

We are better than they are. Let’s start acting like it again.


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