Gaspar-Roberts Update: The fork is rusting

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Update to the below prior posts, for Saturday evening (Nov. 26):

Kristin Gaspar again increased her lead over incumbent Supervisor Dave Roberts, to 1,247 votes…

Gaspar 113,594 50.28%
Roberts 112,347 49.72%

There are about 60,000 ballots left countywide.

Yawn, at this point.

Update to the below post, for Friday evening (Nov. 25):

The Registrar’s office waded thru only about 10,000 countywide ballots today. Even so, Kristin Gaspar increased her lead over Dave Roberts from 1,090 to 1,166 votes…

Gaspar 112,273 50.26%
Roberts 111,107 49.74%

Needing more than 60 percent of whatever ballots remain in D3, if Roberts doesn’t concede the race within the next few days, he is simply in denial.

Original post:

A heading-into-the-long-weekend update to my prior posts, for Wednesday evening (Nov. 23):

Kristin Gaspar’s lead increases significantly again, from 659 votes yesterday to 1,090 today, in her challenge to County Supervisor Dave Roberts…

Gaspar 111,585 50.25%
Roberts 110,495 49.75%

Gaspar received 3,692 of today’s 6,953 additional votes, over 53 percent, her highly daily tally yet.

About 86,000 ballots remain to count across the county.

Yesterday, I estimated Roberts would have to be marked on nearly 54 percent of the remaining ballots in the district to pull even with Gaspar. That was yesterday. Today would be a waste to even do the math.

Forget putting a fork in it. It’s been embedded for a few days already and is now getting rusty.

By the way, Thomas K. Arnold reminds us in the Seaside Courier, “The last time an incumbent Supervisor was defeated was in November 1984, when Brian Bilbray, then the brash young mayor of Imperial Beach, defeated Tom Hamilton.”


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