From Voice of SD… Sheriff’s Department: No Shoes, No Fancy Degree, No Service

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Sam Adams was the blogger of his day. The King of England didn’t understand him either.

Read it and (fill in the blank)…

Here too is the Matt Hall’s Storify compilation of the reaction…


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  1. Remember….someone hired this woman. Go after the person responsible.

    Gore, an elected sheriff who:
    • Ordered federal agents to shoot any adult which resulted in the killing of a woman holding her baby just days after this same woman’s pre-teen son was killed by machine gun fire at Ruby Ridge.
    • Pleaded the 5th rather than honorably admitting his mistakes once the above incident was investigated.
    • When in charge of the FBI field office in San Diego told his superiors he would not spend time looking into Middle Eastern men learning to fly planes (but not land them). Those men went on to fly a plane into the Pentagon on 9/11/2001.
    • After being appointed sheriff because there was no way he would have won an election unless he was the incumbent, he rolled Long Range Acoustic Devices into a town hall meeting.
    • Refuses to issue concealed weapon permits to law-abiding, sane, trained citizens (unlike the majority of California sheriffs are currently doing), but does issue them to financial contributors which resulted in a lawsuit that is still going on.
    • Now wants to buy drones to fly over and spy on citizens, but doesn’t want to admit to it.

    A history of violation after arrogant violation of rights. A history of bad decisions. It should be no surprise the former federal agent Gore hired to be the mouthpiece of his department is hostile, dismissive, disrespectful, and rude.

    Look at who hired her.

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