Fortnight for Freedom – In Defense of Religious Liberty

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Re-posted with permission from the author at W.C. Varones blog, regarding mass at Mission San Diego de Alcala, Wednesday evening.

First they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak up because I was not a Catholic…

The W.C. Varones Blog stands squarely with American Catholics as they defend their religious liberty from unprecedented assault by the Obama regime.

Thanks to KT Cat for notifying me of this event at the historic Mission San Diego de Alcala — California’s first church.

It was the kickoff to a “Fortnight for Freedom.”  Catholics will spend the next two weeks through July 4 working, praying, and spreading the word about the gross imposition of ObamaCare mandates against their religious beliefs.

The mission sanctuary was packed — standing room only all the way to the back and spilling out into the parking lot.

The guy giving the opening welcome remarks led off with a passage from the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It only got more righteously indignant from there. From the Prayer for Freedom and Protection from Evil:

In that freedom, Lord, we your people live our lives
In a way that advances your Kingdom of Life,
And we refuse to cooperate in what is evil.

At this moment, therefore, when our government has decided
To force us to cooperate in evil,
We pray for the grace to be faithful to you
And to oppose the unjust laws and mandates
That have been imposed upon us and our institutions.

Strong words, but undeniably true.

The pastor from the evangelical Skyline mega-church, Jim Garlow, followed the opening remarks, and spoke of solidarity and devotion to truth and right in the face of coercion and wrong, including the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was executed by the Nazis for resisting evil.  Garlow is quite a speaker.

I can’t possibly do justice to what was said or how the audience enthusiastically responded to every reference to liberty and resisting tyranny.  I hope someone got it on video so you can watch for yourself.

We closed by singing America the Beautiful followed by God Bless America.

Find out more about Fortnight for Freedom nationally here and locally in San Diego here.

We are all Catholics tonight.


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  1. “We are all Catholic tonight,” sounds very Vatican 2. However I take such heart in the open profession of the faithful. Atheists have made it so difficult to profess one’s love for God without being labeled demented. I am Roman Catholic of Gaelic lineage. I have taken the oath of Confirmation, and am more than proud to show my badge of Knighthood. I am educated in classic Latin, and have great disdain for Vatican 2, and the American Secular Catholic. I share great empathy with Islam. Rome and Mecca have suffered greatly under the Atheist Cabal. The troubles are at hand. One can smell it. As with any tribe, when Freedom is under attack the families return to the fold. In the case of the Roman Catholic, to see the surge in participation of the Latin Mass, and the denial of the heresy brought forth in the second Vatican Council, is spiritual beyond belief. I am a Roman Catholic. Not just Tonight, Forever.

  2. Post

    Michael, perhaps I misunderstand your reference to Vatican 2, but I don’t believe you understand the author. W.C. Varones is not particularly religious, but is standing with Catholics over the issue of freedom of conscious. Conservative atheists I know are supporting the Catholic church on this issue, because they see the administration’s action as an assault on our freedom.

    That said, I applaud your profession of faith.

  3. Though I am not Catholic, I am sure my church will support this effort and going forward to be successful.

  4. B-Daddy: Thanks for this post. I really wanted to go this event.

    Michael Erl: Impressive Catholic credentials you have (I am a church-going Catholic too, by the way) but yeah, on the “we’re all Catholic tonight” line, you missed the point by a mile. After the VA Tech tragedy, we said, “We’re all Hokies.” Clearly we didn’t all go to VA Tech. Just a statement of solidarity. Same here. The President is stomping on our religion specifically — and on religious freedom generally. We need all the support we can get. When Christians (as they often do) support the Jewish people and the state of Israel, it doesn’t water down or threaten Judaism. It only helps. When non-Catholics support us as our religious freedom is assaulted — it’s a beautiful, heartening thing. It’s not a threat to our religion. It’s really our only hope. Don’t make Catholics sound like a bunch of silly, unserious, isolated weirdos. That does not help. Nobody is going to fight for people like that.

    Anyway, my favorite slogan in all this is: “We will not comply.” We will not. I will certainly not.

  5. I”ll echo Mr. Purdy’s words of gratitude for non-Catholics who understand and act upon Niemoller’s lectures.

    I”ll remind Mr Erl that we believe we are not a “tribe” but His universal Church. We pray for unification of all Christians each time we celebrate the Mass. While I share his admiration of the Tridentine Mass, I believe it is an issue like this through which the Holy Spirit works.

    Come non-believers, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. This Catholic appreciates your support.

    We will not comply. This Catholic certainly won’t.

  6. Thank you kindly for your comments. You all are mostly correct, as I do stand by the collective need for a true spititual outing. My ability to express my love for God Family and Country,in public has alwys been stunted.

    Just the fact that I have bandied my name is a personal landmark. I use the term tribe, as my native country abandoned me, and now is pressing its attack on me. Me being, my God my Family, and my community.

    I have no faith in our government, nor the electorate. We have become the grist of an overpowerful Atheist Cabal. I come from an old line of Irish Catholics. All were Free Staters, from counties Limerick, and Cork. The Carroll family is my lineage. It took the passing of my mother and a pilgrimage to Ireland to crystalize a dormant spirituality within me. The fire in my grandmother’s heart is alive and well inside mine. My home is a stone’s throw from the Soledad Cross. Come share a moment with me.

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