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Recently, Nathan Fletcher raised eyebrows for accepting a financial donation from the minor daughter of Lorena Gonzalez, the local labor union boss.  Nathan Fletcher’s continued move to the left appears to mirror his growing support from the Gonzalez family as a whole. The most recent financial disclosures show Marco Gonzalez, Lorena’s brother, donating to Fletcher’s Mayoral campaign.

Marco Gonzalez is a well known area attorney specializing in environmental law.  He’s most famous for suing the City of San Diego to stop fireworks shows during the Fourth of July and other celebrations.  Gonzalez is requesting the city pay him 756K in legal fees for his suit.

These lawsuits, if successful, would effectively stop neighborhoods like La Jolla, Mira Mesa and others from having fireworks displays because of the costly and time consuming permit approvals he would require.


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  1. Obsessed much? At least have the balls to sign your name to a post that even references my “underage” daughter. Underage for what?

  2. Aynd, we were wondering the same thing. “Underage”? Do you mean “minor”?

  3. Post

    Lorena – I’ve changed the word from “underage” to “minor” in the post.

  4. Good to know that Marco Gonzalez, a fellow who seems to now annually sue the city of San Diego for “environmental” reasons, perhaps sees Nathan Fletcher as his best bet for winning settlements in such actions.

    “Settlements” doubtless include substantial attorney fees, so his campaign contribution seems to me to be a fine investment on Marco’s part — as Fletcher is willing to” meet in the middle” of any issue.

    H. L. Mencken once described an election as “sort of an advance auction of stolen property.” An insightful thought.

  5. No doubt the minor Gonzalez will be applying for federal financial aid soon.

    With so much liquid assets in the bank she might have a hard time getting aid.

    You’ve got to have a few bucks in the bank as a 16 year old to feel comfortable with a donation like that.

    Or maybe that is just my kids – they won’t buy a stick of gum without trying to get me to open my pockets.

  6. I recommend to all concerned that we back off the snarky remarks about the daughter of Ms. Lorena Gonzalez. We can do better. Rostra aspires to a higher standard.

  7. I couldn’t agree with Jim more. I don’t quote Lorena often, but I will here:

    Obsessed much?

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