Fletcher Endorses Anderson for Senate

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Excerpted from the Anderson campaign…

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher Endorses Joel Anderson for State Senate

Fletcher represents roughly 30% of voters in key battle-ground area in Senate District

SAN DIEGO – Adding to Assemblyman Joel Anderson’s surge in momentum since declaring his candidacy for the seat currently held by Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, San Diego Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher (R-San Diego) announced he was endorsing Anderson for State Senate.

“I support Joel Anderson for State Senate because he’s a rock-solid conservative that gets things done in Sacramento,” Fletcher said. “Additionally, as a veteran, I support Joel because he has been a fierce advocate for California’s military heroes.  He led the charge to exempt California Veterans from state income taxes and to recognize their sacrifice by giving them free access to our state parks.”

Fletcher’s endorsement was seen by many as critical to victory in the 36th State Senate District. The popular Assemblyman represents the key battle-ground area of the district – including Poway and Rancho Bernardo. Fletcher represents roughly 30% of the voters in Senate District 36.

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher was first elected in 2008 and represents the city of San Diego communities of Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Peñasquitos and the City of Poway.


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  1. Interesting endorsement.

    I’d really like to read more about this on his….campaign….web…site. hmmm. No website for Mr. Anderson’s campaign just 52 days from his election? Weird.

    Well, I guess I will just wait for information to be sent via tax-supported bulk mailer from Mr. Anderson’s assembly office..

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  3. Joel’s web site is at http://taxfightersforanderson.com/

    If I want to know something about Joel’s campaign or his stance on the issues, I generally just walk right up to him and ask him. He is accessible and nearly everywhere, being one of the hardest working candidates or public servants I have ever met.

  4. Indeed he is. But, a website does help. Glad it’s up. Those singing so nicely from the page of another candidate who became a conservative in recent years, after being a moderate, are going to be taken aback by his questionable philosophical tenure as a local elected official.

  5. Steve, there has been a lot of innuendo regarding Jeff Stone being a moderate or being less conservative in the past, but after repeated requests….not a shred of proof. Everything I have seen shows he is and always has been a true conservative and an effective leader. Can you clarify your comment and provide some evidence of any kind?

    Also, before we get excited about Mr. Fletcher’s endorsement…didn’t he vote to get Prop 1A on the ballot? Mr. Fletcher also voted in favor of keeping Mr. Villines who drafted Prop 1A.

    What am I missing?

    What on here is moderate or liberal?

  6. Yes, let’s point to the candidate’s own website to prove whether he is a conservative. Now, that’s proof.

  7. I believe Joel’s nieces are younger than 11, which would make his site exceptional for elementary schoolers.

  8. “Yeah right”, if you have any evidence that any of the accomplishments listed on Mr. Stone’s website are false, by all means be specific. If you can present a better place to find a list of a candidate’s accomplishments, by all means supply it.

    So far the only reason I have heard from people about why they are supporting Mr. Anderson is that they’ve known him for a while.

    And the only reason a couple of supporters of Mr. Anderson have posted they don’t like Mr. Stone is…well…they are far vaguer on that.

    I’ve been crystal clear with my name, my interest in Mr. Stone’s campaign, my reasons for supporting Mr. Stone, and my reasons for not supporting Mr. Anderson. Nobody has presented any good reason to support Mr. Anderson over a conservative, accomplished, ethical candidate like Jeff Stone.

    Now I will sit here and wait for yet another to post a comment about how well they know Mr. Anderson and then get frustrated because they can’t give a real reason why he is the better candidate so they stop posting. I, and most others who live east of the 15, will not vote for another candidate just because you say so. We are tired of being embarrassed.

  9. I think the issue is most of the district is in East County, not Riverside County. Most of the voters may look at Mr. Stone as an outsider. The same way Riverside County might look at Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson has represented this district in the Assembly, Water Board, CRA, etc, etc. The voters can relate to him. It is really his district to lose.

  10. And there it is. As predicted. “Heck, he’s been around for a few years so let’s overlook any indiscretion and vote for him”.

    “Save Our State”, I am sure others are of the same opinion. I am here to encourage you to re-evaluate the importance of stopping someone who has engaged in some of the questionable activities that Mr. Anderson has engaged in from obtaining higher office.

    We have a great, conservative, honest, accomplished candidate in Mr. Stone and he is a long time resident of the district. So let’s vote for him.

    Think of this…the next time a public servant pulls some stunt that is illegal or unethical…not matter what party he or she is affiliated with…think back to how you voted in this election. Before you complain, did you vote for the guy who has a track record of integrity or did you vote for a guy who knowingly broke the rules?

  11. This anti-Joel shuck-and-jive is getting tiresome, and the pro-Stone shilling is not helping him with the readers on this site. Let’s get that out of the way right now.

    Secondly, if you want proof that Stone is NOT a conservative, lied to the CRA and has seriously questionable Maldoesque political judgement, look no further than his 2008 campaign disclosures. They reveal a $1,500 donation to none other than former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre, the moonbat-uber-liberal Democrat who lost by 20 points. In 2008. What was Stone thinking?

    THAT should give every voter in the 36th shivers up their spines.

  12. Michael-A-nnoying,

    You know man, I dont think that name calling is very nice of you and there is no place for it on this blog. To be honest I will probably vote for Joel bc he is the quasi-incumbent and as much as I dislike what he did with his campaign finance violations I know I’m getting a good-enough guy for the job.

    That being said, you need to GROW UP. Schwartz raised good and valid points. Your knock on Stone is the first one that has been posted against the man, but why call Schwartz “annoying” for speaking his mind?

    Michael was not being belligerent or insulting towards you or Joel and definitely comes out looking better than you. We see people ridicule and mock Conservatives everyday in newspapers and the tv. At the very least we should be able to have a debate about our leaders and values without resorting to the same tactics we despise the left-wing media for taking.

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    Mr. Richter says it so well, I don’t have to. In short…issues and policy differences, GOOD … personalities and insults, BAD. Thanks.

  14. I got my entire office addicted to SD Rostra thanks to the Stone vs. Anderson debate over the last month. Most of us live in that district and we are split over who we will vote for. But this is the first local campaign any of us have paid attention to. We need more debating. Good job SD Rostra!

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    Thanks! Providing this public service is worth it, considering the huge paycheck I bring home for all my work. Not. LOL

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