Fletcher does about face on a woman’s right to choose, discovers women’s issues

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SAN DIEGO — District Attorney and Mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis, who has a broad coalition of women supporting her campaign, today called Planned Parenthood’s recent ratings of the Mayoral candidates a wake up call for San Diego voters.

Dumanis has received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood of San Diego, based on her support for issues of importance to the group, including a woman’s right to choose.

“I’ve been pro-choice my entire life. As the only woman in the field of candidates running for Mayor, issues related to a woman’s reproductive rights are close to my heart and I have always been very clear where I stand,” said Dumanis. “That’s why these ratings are a wake-up call for voters.”

Until now, Nathan Fletcher has received a failing grade from Planned Parenthood which gave him a “zero” rating based directly on his voting record. In a seismic shift, Fletcher has apparently had yet another ‘change of heart’ and conveniently claims to be pro-choice. Fletcher’s new position on these issues has now changed Planned Parenthood’s rating of him from 0% to 100%.

“This is Nathan Fletcher’s latest abandonment of his core principles in the name of political expediency. The right of women to make their own reproductive choices is not a political game,” said Dumanis campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Tierney.

Although Planned Parenthood’s questionnaire was provided to Fletcher during his two Assembly races, he never completed it until becoming a candidate in the Mayor’s race. Fletcher ran as a conservative Republican in his previous two Assembly campaigns.

Bonnie Dumanis has been openly pro-choice her entire adult life. She has been endorsed by the pro-choice organization ‘Run Women Run’ in her campaign for San Diego Mayor.

Earlier this week, Dumanis announced her campaign is supported by a broad coalition of women from across the political spectrum, noting her history of breaking glass ceilings for women and her commitment to women’s issues.

“In the last 24 hours, Nathan Fletcher followed Bonnie Dumanis’s lead and attempted to establish credibility on women’s issues. True commitment and a real history of standing up for women can’t be manufactured,” Tierney said.


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  1. And to demonstrate her consistent views on politicians having a “change of heart”, would the Dumanis campaign please link a video of her criticizing Mayor Sanders when he flipped on same-sex marriage in 2007?

    Didn’t happen? Flipping to your side of an issue is cool for one politician, but uncool for another? As someone who’s “been pro-choice my entire life,” shouldn’t you be welcoming Fletcher into the fold? Or is this is a cheap political stunt aimed at the guy who shot past you in the polls?

  2. I wonder how many other important principles he can change before June 5? Leave Republican Party (check 1), go from Pro-Life to Pro-abortion (check 2)….maybe we can make it a drinking game, except they are some serious ‘flip flops’ as Anyd describes.

  3. Ms. Right, in the interests of everyone’s well being, we cannot possibly encourage or endorse a Fletcher Flip Flop drinking game here on San Diego Rostra.

    We would be so thoroughly inebriated, three sheets to the wind, slammed, slizzered and s-faced that we might not have the motor skills to vote for Mayor or on anything else in June. We might not even regain consciousness by Election Day.

    Not even Ms. Tipit could hold her liquor in a Fletcher Flip Flop game. And that’s saying a lot.

  4. For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?
    — Mark 8:36

  5. Don’t forget Mr. Fletcher was against the city using redevelopment money to build a billionaire a football stadium downtown for his 100 millionaire employees to play in before he was for it.

  6. One more flip flop that no one seems to mention…
    Fletcher was against gay marriage, “because of his faith”. Now he is “absolutely” for gay marriage.
    Flip Flop Fletcher

  7. Flip Flop Fletcher. Love it. Do I see the new tag line for new attack ads against Nathan Fletcher?

  8. I assume all of the posters accusing Fletcher of flip-flopping on the issues are supporting Mitt Romney for President. Well, at least you weren’t accusing Fletcher of hypocrisy.

  9. Richard,

    My bad. I should have said ALMOST all of the posters…will be supporting Romney for President.

    By the way, who are you going to vote for? Do I finally get one right if I guess that it won’t be Obama.

  10. Alger,

    I’ll take a wild guess that Richard will be voting for Gary Johnson, who has just received the Libertarian nomination for president. Johnson makes a very attractive choice for those of us interested in limited government.

  11. “Ms. Right, in the interests of everyone’s well being, we cannot possibly encourage or endorse a Fletcher Flip Flop drinking game here on San Diego Rostra. ”

    I know this is a joke but I would have enjoyed the libertarian argument FOR prohibition 😉 😉

    “Johnson makes a very attractive choice for those of us interested in limited government.”

    (loudly) Ahem!!. (in a whisper) Romney doesn’t have the 1144 yet. Remember June 5th ! (wink)

  12. Alger, I suspect that at least four more of the frequent Rostra posters you most often exchange comments with won’t be voting for Romney in November. Most likely they will vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, write in Ron Paul, or not vote in the Presidential race at all.

    And why should they vote for Romney? In this solid blue state using the Electoral College model, Obama wins 100% of the Californian vote, REGARDLESS of his margin of victory.

    As I see it, the press and the public counts a vote for Romney as a vote for Obama-lite. Well, that’s a bit harsh, but a Romney vote certainly isn’t counted as a vote for real limited government. It’s just a vote for Republican Party-run government, with relatively little meaningful change in government’s mission or size.

    I’d rather not cast such a misleading vote — especially when it can’t possibly affect the outcome of the race.

    Hence we Californian voters are all free to vote for whomever we FAVOR, rather than for the “lesser evil” — and lesser evil is arguably the way most people vote in a Presidential election.

  13. Sometimes the less you know about a candidate, the better he seems. I don’t think Gary Johnson would stand up to scrutiny any more than Bachman, Perry or Cain did.

  14. My sentiments exactly, Richard.

    And with Gary Johnson already having been nominated by the Libertarians, I take Brian’s point that there’s no harm in crossing over to vote for Ron Paul. Open primary, right?

    The Daily Beast — a site I don’t often agree with — has a worthwile take on Johnson’s role in the election:

    “Johnson has been polling between 6 and 9 percent nationally, a number just large enough to cover most Obama-Romney spreads. His name is expected to appear on ballots in all 50 states, and unlike the president and Mitt Romney, Johnson will spend the next six months speaking freely in language unmolested by establishment advisers or influential special interests . . .

    ‘The Libertarian candidate is going to be the only candidate talking about gun rights and gay rights in the same sentence, about slashing welfare spending and warfare spending,’ Gov. Johnson told The Daily Beast in Las Vegas this weekend.”

  15. Alger is right that surely Gary Johnson has skeletons in his closet. Doesn’t everyone? (Except Camelot’s JFK, of course.)

    But as I’ve said before, I vote for people because of what they will DO in office — not who their are, or their sexual transgressions.

    And, after all, Gary Johnson was twice elected (as a Republican) Governor of New Mexico — not exactly a fringe candidate. Of course, if you want to make fun of a Presidential candidate whose only credential is being governor of some “hick” state — think Bill Clinton.

    And if you want to get REALLY silly, consider Obama’s credentials and experience.

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