FLASH! Walmart ban to be repealed next week

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FLASH!! City of San Diego Walmart superstore ban will be repealed by our city council next week — by Richard Rider

It looks like — as I predicted in December — one or more of the San Diego city council labor union toadies will vote to repeal the Walmart ban, rather than risk another crushing “Prop D”-like defeat in a costly special election.

The Voice of San Diego’s Liam Dillon reports that cc president Tony Young has caved — announcing it via Twitter.

The cc will deal with this referendum issue next Tuesday, as I understand it. Unless one of the four current Walmart ban opponents flips (EXTREMELY unlikely), the big box ban will be repealed without an election next week. Don’t be surprised to see one or more of the remaining three cc Walmart haters vote for the repeal as well.


And disappointing.

An acrimonious but successful crushing repeal of the Walmart ban could have helped unseat one or more of the current cc labor union allies in 2012 and 2014 elections. The value of such a change in the cc makeup would be worth a thousand times the million dollar cost of a special election.

Now, here’s the real bad news. With a labor union owned-and-operated majority, there are still many ways that this wrecking crew can try to block Walmart superstores. Zoning is one fertile ground for their nefarious efforts.

Even though it’s over — it’s not.


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