First results in County Supe 4

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Update: Wed morning, August 16, 2023…

Amy Reichert has pulled slightly away from Janessa Goldbeck in two late Tuesday tally updates, increasing her numbers from the 28.67 percent shown below, first to 28.87, then to 29.00. Goldbeck dropped overall to 25.32.

Those are small amounts, but do indicate a trend in Reichert’s favor to hold the second spot, meaning she will vie against Monica Montgomery-Steppe in November’s runoff for the open County Supervisor seat.

Initial Post, Tuesday night…

Below are the initial results in the primary race to fill the vacant seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

These totals reflect mail ballots received before Election Day, and vote center ballots in early voting from August 5th to 14th.

It’s definitely going to a two-person runoff, as Councilmember Monica Montgomery-Steppe will not exceed 50 percent of the vote.

Given the level of late dollars spent in support of Janessa Goldbeck the last several days, the gap between her and Amy Reichert may close. At this point, without a hard indication of the number of ballots left to count, it’s impossible to wager a guess on just how much it could close.

We may know by the morning. If not, Reichert and Goldbeck may want to buckle in for a long several days.


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