First Jerry Sanders, then Steve Francis, sprinted to prominence in the frantic San Diego mayoral Summer of 2005

Jim Sills Jim Sills


There were  two dramatic sprints in the 2005 SD mayoral primary.  (1) First-time candidate Jerry Sanders came out of the blocks flying.  With a launch expertly orchestrated by Tom Shepard, the former Police Chief was suddenly everywhere, notably with an integrated Plan for reform of City finances.  As the “Datamar”/Raul Furlong  poll of June 13 showed, Sanders zoomed to 34% of the vote in a single month !  (2) But beginning in late June, businessman Steve Francis put on the 2nd surge, with well done TV and radio ads, articulating a conservative, get tough approach to improving the City’s fiscal position. In a 2nd installment,  Raul Furlong shows us where Sanders and Francis built their voter bases.


by  Raul  Furlong

Four Days To Go –   July 21 Poll.

“The overall support received by the candidates in the July 21 poll, showed a dramatic change from the June 13 poll. While Frye showed almost no change, Jerry Sanders had dropped from 34.1% to 26.1%, and Steve Francis went from 3.1% to 25%. He had moved almost even with Jerry Sanders at 26.1%. His massive multi-media expenditures were showing results.

The Republicans had shifted considerably their support for all the candidates. Donna Frye’s Republican support dropped by more than two-third to 8.2%,  Sanders support increased by 10% to 38.1%.  Steve Francis, the Conservative Republican, was succesful in attracting the plurality of  Republican votes and passed the more moderate Republican Sanders with  support from 42.3% of the Republican vote.

The Non-partisans:  Donna Frye was the clear winner of the non-partisan voter with 55.6%.  Jerry Sanders (22.2 %) strategy of declaring himself as a moderate Republican was succesful in outperforming Steve Francis (9.6 %) with the non-partisan voters.

The Democrats:  Frye increased her support to 66.7% with Democratic voters , Sanders dropped in Democratic support to from 35% to 14.6%, and Francis rose from 4.9%  support to 10.4%.”


With Steve Francis now on Jerry Sanders’ shoulder, the special Mayoral primary campaign entered its final 4  days, running up to the July 26th vote.  In a concluding 3rd chapter, pollster Raul Furlong will show us what happened next, with implications that continue to resound today in 2011.


(The July 21 poll results above reflect completed interviews with a sample of 1,130 high propensity registered voters in the City of San Diego).