Filner Says Rehab, While San Diego Says Resign

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This story could not get any more bizarre. Filner to seek Rehab, and refuses to resign.

What’s next?

Bob announces the location of his “rehab” will be…the Playboy Mansion.

How fitting.


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  1. Filthy Filner, sly and slippery as always hopes this will go away. He will NOT do the right thing because he’s a serial sexual harasser and bully. I echo Hypocrisy’s call for Filner to resign NOW!

    I congratulate the Democrats for FINALLY asking him to resign but they turned a blind eye to his bullying of women for the last 30 years. Why?!

    How about you La Playa Heritage? Your silence means you support Filner. Do the right thing and condemn Filner and demand his resignation.

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