Dumanis The Democrat?

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Early yesterday Dumanis announced  her campaign manager, Kevin Klein. The hiring of Klein means Dumanis’ campaign is run completely by Democrats and democrat campaigners, which begs the question, what exactly about Dumanis is Republican other than a check mark on a registration form? With a consultant whose clients include the Firefighters union and the failed Howard Wayne, a fundraiser whose clients include Council Member Sherri Lightner and perpetual union-hack Todd Gloria, and a campaign manager whose claim to fame is working for Patty Davis to unseat incumbent Republican Assemblywoman Shirley Horton in a swing district, does Dumanis even plan to remain a Republican?

Dumanis is setting a new low for Republican candidates in San Diego. By being the only Republican to come out opposing comprehensive pension reform Dumanis has shown she has no grasp of the issues and she is little more than a stooge for liberal union policies. By defending her outrageous public pension she has shown how disinterested she is in leading by example and making the tough decisions. By surrounding herself with Democrats and people working to ensure San Diego’s bleak future she has shown how little she cares about conservative solutions to your city’s problems.

The only bright side, a little sunshine if you will, is that Jerry Sanders’ office has one less liberal hack ruining the cornerstone of our county.

At this point, having taken absolutely no conservative stances on important issues and surrounding yourself entirely with people who work to eliminate Republicans from elected office, Dumanis should just change parties before her embarrassing denial gets any worse.


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  1. I’m curious if Dumanis will continue to pander to Republican activists and the GOP establishment at all after this…. Has she been showing up to Central Committee meetings?

  2. Brad, I can’t imagine that’s a terribly powerful or numerous wing of the Democrat Party. Active and vocal- absolutely. But would that issue actually keep her from winning more Democrat votes than Filner? That issue alone certainly wouldn’t.

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