Don’t Waste Your Time (Or Money) On the Newsom Recall

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Last week, I reported that Kevin Faulconer was running for Governor, presumably positioning himself as the Republican alternative if the #RecallNewsom effort is successful.  I also disclosed that I contributed to his campaign; that was a waste of money.

The recall effort is a long shot because Democrats are united and Republican candidates usually weaken one another in primaries.  In the recall election, two or more Republican candidates almost insures a Democratic win.  While I expected other Republicans to indicate an interest, I had hoped that the focus would be on Newsom’s mishandling of the pandemic rather than to attack other Republican candidates.  I was disappointed….again.

John Cox announced his candidacy today with a direct attack on Faulconer.  Let me start off by saying that I like John Cox.  His wacky “Neighborhood Legislature” idea was right up my alley and his support for Prop 32 was appreciated but Cox’ claim that he is “a businessman, not a politician” is not true.  A successful businessman, he became an unsuccessful politician in 2000 when he ran and lost for the Illinois 10th District of the US House of Representatives   He lost the Illinois US Senate race in 2002.  Finally, before running for California Governor in 2018, he made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for President in 2008.    Cox has been a politician for 21 years.

Notwithstanding, when I was a delegate to the California Republican Party, I voted to endorse Cox for Governor over the more conservative Travis Allen for one reason– he had the money to mount an effective campaign.  Cox went on to lose (to Newsom) by a greater margin than Neel Kashkari lost to an incumbent, thrice-elected Governor (Jerry Brown).  Cox simply isn’t electable and his attack on Faulconer tells me that he is more interested in taking Faulconer down than electing a Republican candidate Governor.

Ric Grennell is a candidate to consider over Faulconer as is Larry Elder.  John Cox is not.

Expect Newsom to survive the recall as Republicans compete for an already dwindling voter base.


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  1. Cox had his chance, and if he had any sense he would get behind the candidate with the best odds of winning. My favorite quote from an old-time radio host: “Ideology is about ideas, politics is about winning elections.”

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