Don’t Call RedState ‘Ultraconservative’, Traitor Lover!

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Erick Erickson has taken umbrage at WaPo “Right Turn” columnist Jennifer Rubin, in a post about an anti-abortion pledge, for using that adjective for the conservative group blog.

RedState, Erickson says, is not “ultraconservative,” it is a right-of-center blog that allows a wide range of views among its writers. Moreover, just because a writer takes a position doesn’t mean that position is endorsed by RedState’s directors.

Erickson writes:

“I can only guess that it is because we advocate hanging the traitor Jonathan Pollard instead of setting him free like Rubin does and also because we here at RedState embrace Jim DeMint as a standard bearer for conservatism while Rubin would prefer to take an exacto knife and excise from the movement those conservatives she does not care for, e.g. social conservatives.”

Then Erickson gets really nasty:

“If your definition of “conservative” is one who detests most social conservatives and loves American traitors, then I guess Jenn Rubin is a conservative”

Even worse, Erickson hurls the dreaded L-word at her:

“I’ve always viewed her has a libertarian too ashamed to admit she is a libertarian because of the people we typically think of as libertarians and because one of Jenn’s foremost issues is the defense of Israel, which neither liberals nor libertarians care much about.”

A libertarian in conservative clothes! Oh, the horror!

Well, dear Jennifer, if Erickson is right and you’re uncomfortable with the social conservatives but care about defending the free market and freedom, we Libertarians would welcome you. Some of us also care about Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, and a vital American ally.

Just one thing: Please convince WaPo to get rid of its stupid bifurcated “Left-Leaning” and “Right-leaning” column categories, or expand them to “Cannot be easily categorized.”

By the way, WaPo has had a devil of a time finding a right-leaning political observer acceptable to conservatives; before Rubin it hired a plagiarist (who is also a RedStater) and then a crypto-conservative-hater. And as for Rubin, RedState is not alone among conservatives in disliking her views.

WaPo seems not to have had this problem on the left. Rubin’s counterpart, the grizzled Ezra Klein, is quite acceptable to lefties. Why is that?


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