Comic Relief for Rostrafarians: Thor Rocks

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San Diego’s annual cultural carnival Comic-Con is less than a month away. One of this year’s star attractions promises to be Rostra’s own Mighty Thor.

Author and artist Walt Simonson, who produced “The Mighty Thor” for Marvel Comics for 25 years has produced a limited artist’s edition which will make its debut at Comic-Con. A preview is available on the website Comic Book Resources.

Simonson is quoted on CBR saying, “I wrote and drew The Mighty Thor for Marvel more 25 years ago now, at a time when it was the fate of old comics to be deployed to the back issue bins in comic shops and at conventions. No one had any expectations of reprints or trade collections. Now, it’s a new day,” said Simonson. “I’m pleased that IDW (Publishing) and Marvel have seen fit to go back and revisit this work as they have. I couldn’t be more delighted to know Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and all their friends turned out to have a much longer shelf-life than I would ever have imagined.”

No surprise to us here on Rostra. You’ve protected us from evil forces and guided the Rostrafarian Nation to dominatation of political discourse in San Diego, ruling without compromise but also with benevolence and fairness.  As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in “The Challenge of Thor:”

Force rules the world still
Has ruled it; shall rule it
Meekness is weakness,
Strength is triumphant
Over the whole earth.
Still it is Thor’s Day!


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