Don’t let Munger buy the 76th state assembly district seat

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Guest Commentary
by Maureen Guffanti

Don’t let California billionaire Charles Munger, Jr. buy the 76th state assembly district seat.

Munger likes moderate, or RINO, Republicans, not conservatives. Conservative Sherry Hodges has extraordinary grass roots support, but will billionaire Munger succeed in buying the 76th state assembly district seat for moderate Rocky Chavez?

What did Munger donate?  And who is Charles Munger? Here are the facts:

1. Munger’s group, Spirit of Democracy California, donated over $500,000 to Rocky Chavez’ campaign, according to the U-T story Nov 2, which also states, “His sister, Molly Munger, is the chief financier of Proposition 38 that seeks to raise income taxes on most to pay for public schools and other programs.” For the U-T story

2. See the chart showing Munger’s group’s actual donation amounts and dates.

Who is Charles Munger? Here are excerpts from the blistering criticism Conservative analyst Steve Frank wrote of Munger July 12, 2012 on Conservative Action Alerts:

  • “Munger has created a Soviet Union/China style election. While those countries had ‘elections’, it was only communists on the ballot.”
  • “Munger was also the man who spent millions to finance the passage of Prop. 14—which stopped all political parties from nominating candidates for the November General Election. The “Top Two” in the June primary, regardless of affiliation, even from the same Party, went to the November election.”
  • “Who is this rich person few have heard of before today? He is the son of the chief advisor to Warren Buffet, Charles Munger Sr. a billionair, (sic) Buffet is the man who believes Californians do not pay enough in property taxes.”
  • “Earlier this year Munger was rumored to have spent north of $100,000 to gut the Republican Party Platform—he did not like guns, mention of illegal aliens or saving babies as part of Republican principles. There was not a single section of the current GOP Platform that he didn’t like or tried to gut.”

See Steve Frank’s article.

Other writers have been shining the light on Munger. And if you look, you’ll see Munger has donated to several other candidates, always favoring the moderate or RINO, over the conservative. And for propositions with the same effect, like Prop 14.

The Orange County Register columnist Martin Wisckol wrote of Munger: he helped fund propositions in 2008 and 2010  “which took state legislative and congressional redistricting out of the Legislature’s hands. Those measures were billed as making more competitive districts that would elect more moderate representatives.” (My emphasis added) Munger gave more than $1.3 million to those two measures.” (May 17, 2012) See:

Don’t be fooled by the billionaire’s plans — vote for Sherry Hodges and forward this widely.

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Guffanti is the Secretary of the Tri-City Tea Party
Free Market Solutions–Constitutionally Limited Government—Balanced Budget


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  1. Are you equally concerned about Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers trying to buy the Presidency?

  2. Let’s see what percentage of Romney’s effort was that money, as compared to the percentage of Rocky’s effort being Munger. Then, you can talk.

    I see, no response.

  3. You have to love the Hodges campaign. First Hodges tried to ban books. Now she wants to ban donors. All 29% of registered Republicans in CALIFORNIA HEAR THIS: Sherry Hodges will now determine who can give to Republican candidates. Last person leaving the Tea Party sign the guest book…right after the Reform Party guy in 1992.

  4. “Last person leaving the Tea Party sign the guest book”

    Rocky Chavez was an exhibitor at the Stop Taxing Us Tax Day Tea Party, on April 16, 2012 He attended the Tri-City Tea Party on April 17, 2012. Rocky Chavez signed the Stop Taxing Us Taxpayer Promise in the early Spring of this year.

    What am I missing, Patricia? Is something wrong with the tea party because Rocky Chavez has certainly paid fealty to the ones in his District.

  5. It’s a shame the party isn’t fighting for the 79th and to a lot lesser extent the 39th senate district as hard as they are fighting each other for this guaranteed Republican seat. If republicans in California fought Democrats as viciously and aggressive as they do each other, we might actually be a viable party in this state.

  6. A last ditch effort by a desperate Hodges campaign. A vote for Hodges is a vote to send someone to Scaramento to stand in the corner and scream about witchcraft in schools while the adults work.

  7. Spin Zone, I notice that you didn’t answer MY question so I will ask again: Are you offended anytime a billionaire tries to buy an election or only if that billionaire isn’t supporting your candidate?

    As for your question, the $32 million (or more) spent by Mr. Adelson directly on Romney’s campaign (we don’t know about Super PAC contributions) is certainly more than Mr. Munger is spending, but if you are only concerned about percentages, how about the amount Mr. Adelson spent on Newt Gingrich’s Presidential run? Did that concern you?

  8. As I thought. Your question was addressed to me? No, so why should I answer it. This is a Republican blog, bright boy. The author is writing about someone using significant money to buy an election between two Republicans. What happens at the presidential level may be of great interest and concern, but that’s not this entry’s subject matter.

  9. Spin Zone,

    I thought the topic was a billionaire trying to buy an election – something made legal by the Supreme Court in a decision that most Republicans cheered.

    As a believer in the first amendment, I personally have no problem with anyone spending any amount of money to enhance their political beliefs (disclosure is a different issue, maybe for another day). My problem is with hypocrisy. So now I ask you directly: Do you believe the first amendment applies to everyone or only to those who support your chosen candidates?

  10. Thanks for asking. I believe it applies to everyone, including the right for people like this blogger to write about it, hoping to influence voters in an Assembly race. As well as you, if you believe it will influence people about money at the presidential level. The right to spend the dollars is just as important as the right to point it out when it happens. I know we agree.

  11. Spin Zone,

    Thank you for clarifying that you do not have any objection to Mr. Munger spending his money as he sees fit. And I definitely have no objection to you or anyone else pointing out who Mr. Munger is and how much money he is spending. In fact, I believe that a requirement for prompt disclosure was the one piece missing in the Citizens United decision as we should have a right to know who is funding the campaigns and at what level.

  12. The Tea Party is like the old Reform Party. Just a bunch of nuts who get together every 20 years or so. Like a bad high school reunion. Hey, has anyone seen the Tea Party Express around here?

  13. The last comment by Maddow pretty much speaks for itself, dissing an entire movement because she’s an unhappy person.

  14. Q: Why did that honest and honorable man waste so much time with a bunch of nuts, Patricia? I can tell you that we never solicited his Taxpayer Promise nor his booth at the tax day tea party.

    A: Rocky wanted support from that bunch of nuts.

    Lets hope he keeps the promise he made to the tea party. I suspect he will. Do you?

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