Together we can set a course to restore our economy

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I have spent my entire life in San Diego and have been surfing these waves since I was a child.  I fondly remember growing up in Imperial Beach, the son of a naval officer and Australian war bride.

Today, I am a proud husband and father of five beautiful children, which fills my life with joy.  In order to secure the American dream for my children and future generations, we need to jump-start our economy by promoting pro-growth economic policies that will restore the middle-class.

I would like to discuss where I envision our country going and how I am different from my opponent.

Our nation is facing one of the worst economic climates in decades. Currently, one in ten San Diegans is out of work and we are borrowing nearly 50 cents of every dollar from China to finance our government.  What is even more disturbing is that our national debt just surpassed $16 trillion, let me repeat that $16 trillion.

In order to tackle our greatest issues, we must learn to work together again.

As your representative, I am one of the last champions in working across the aisle, which is why I have been ranked as one of the most bipartisan members of congress.

Throughout my career, I have always defined myself as a leader in the renewable energy debate, by reducing harmful regulations in order to bring back high-paying jobs back to San Diego.

My opponent on the other hand has a record marred in scandal and bloated in debt.

Scott Peters was the architect of the “Enron by the Sea” scandal that nearly bankrupted the city of San Diego when he voted to increase the city’s pension benefits while underfunding the pension system in 2002.

That is why it was so outrageous to find out that Peters never learned from his egregious mistake, when he offered a motion as a member of the Port of San Diego board to underfund the ports pension system in 2009.  This is the same flawed reasoning that Peters used in 2002, which left San Diego with a $2.1 billion unfunded pension liability and left a generation marred in debt.

I also strongly disagree with Scott Peters’ new policy plan that would put seniors in jeopardy.  Recently, my opponent has publicly promoted and endorsed a new plan, the “Peters Plan” that would cut Medicare and Social Security benefits.

The choice is clear, do you envision a country where Scott Peters wants to cut the safety net for Americans and his most infamous accomplishment is nearly bankrupting San Diego.  Or do you want to set a path that controls our debt and fosters innovation and job creation, which leaves a prosperous country for our children to inherit.

Today, I humbly ask for your vote and together we can set a course to restore our economy.


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  1. Hey what can I say. Wife goes to Church with Peters wife and I surf with Bilbray. I live in Pacific Heights and share my turf with Pacific Beach and La Jolla. Bilbray gave Turmo its first 911 phone, and did it post haste. Pacific Beach Surf Club claims the feat. It was all Bilbray and myself.

    Caminito de la Costa is the spot where I taught my children how to Scuba. Stairs are located for entry to the North Bird Rock area. Well gee the cliff collapsed. Scott Peters had the city place yellow ribbon and caution saw horses around the sidewalk area. We are talking a 25 foot drop into the ocean water below. This dangerous situation remained untouched for three years. Ask any City Lifeguard.

    However, on Marine street, gets a red painted no parking curbside covering the entire half block. Scott won’t talk about this scenario. Well gee the Waite family beach house now has unfettered access into the one car garage.

    Why go on? Peters can eat my shorts. He is the political punk. Go figure. What contest?

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