Does Supervisor Dave Roberts Discriminate Against Women? #WarOnWomen

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Former staffer Diane Porter’s legal claim against Supervisor Dave Roberts says three things:

1- Dave Roberts had an “inappropriate” relationship with staffer Harold Meza.
2- Harold Meza was given favorable treatment and rewards for being Roberts’ paramour.
3- Roberts misused county funds to reward Meza for that relationship and to cover up the existence of that relationship.

Supervisor Roberts offered that there were “inaccuracies” in the claim.  Maybe that’s just cautious talk for a full denial so I’ll assume (for this argument) that Dave Roberts completely denies all points of the claim against him.

Roberts still has to explain why a man was given favorable career treatment over an office of well-qualified women.  Maybe the women involved were jealous of Meza’s success, maybe former Chief-of-Staff Glynnis Vaughn orchestrated this claim because Roberts rebuked her assessment of Meza as a “goldbricker”, or maybe this is just a case of “the good ol’ boys” looking out for one another.  It’s odd that those politicians, journalists, and activists who scream about a gender gap in wages and career opportunities, aren’t questioning Roberts about this.  Asked differently, why is a recent male college graduate advancing over a bunch of experienced women?

I know this would be an issue if the Supervisor were a Republican.  If this whole #waronwomen claim is anything other than a meme to suppress support for Republican candidates, journalists should ask Roberts that hard question.


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