Democrat Patrick Marsh Responds on Call for SD 39 Candidates

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In response to Jim Sills’ recent posts noting the present lack of a Republican in Senate District 39 race, Patrick Marsh sent this along…

Hello SD Rostra:

Marty Block will have at least one competitor. ME!

I am running as a member of the Democrat party, but only because California’s two-finalist system further ensures party supremacy.

I have been without party prior to this election.

I would not consider myself a “blue dog” by any means, but I am completely opposed to tax increases, and would never vote in favor of a bill or budget that included one (or any other sneaky means to extract more money from the citizens).

I am not opposed to business regulation simply as a matter of course, but I have firsthand experience with how a well-intentioned federal regulation can be unbelievably costly while being  circumvented rather easily. Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done in giving California a better-regulated business environment, rather than a heavier-regulated environment, and i think we can do it, in an effort to lower the cost of doing business, which should help our economy.

I may not win the voter who is swayed more heavily by social issues, but even here there may be points on which we agree.

Unfortunately, I have had some delays in getting online, but I should have something for the voters to review this week.

I would encourage all voters to consider the advantages of having a different kind of Democrat in office. Someone who considers the preservation of personal freedom, the protection of the individual to provide for oneself, and the need to ensure that our citizens with needs are cared for humanely when making decisions. Someone who is not the straight party line voter (which they really seem to be right now).

I am an unknown quantity, but I am a professional (CPA) and serious about this candidacy. I look forward to being a part of the discussion for this seat.

Cheers to all!

Patrick Marsh


A further email from Mr. Marsh notes that he will have a website up in the near future, which will be added here at that time.


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