DeMaio to Warn of “Pension Spiking” and “Double Dipping” at City Hall

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Carl DeMaio will speak at a forum organized by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association Thursday, March 14.

At the forum, DeMaio will raise concerns that the Prop B Pension Reform Initiative may not be fully implemented at City Hall. DeMaio will outline a number of “red flag” issues – including the continuation of “pension spiking” where city employees can add bonus pays to pension calculations to spike final pension payouts.

DeMaio will also urge the City Council to abandon a proposal to allow ex City Councilmembers to “Double Dip” by collecting full pensions and full salaries under an “elected officials re-employment” program that Mayor Filner is asking the Council to approve this month.’

“San Diegans voted overwhelmingly for Prop B to reform outrageous city pensions, but there is significant risk that city officials are not fully implementing the reforms. Worse, city politicians are poised to grant themselves a program to ‘double dip’ after they leave office.” – Carl DeMaio

To attend:
San Diego County Taxpayers Association Breakfast on “Future of Pension Reform”
Wyndham San Diego Bayside (formerly Holiday Inn)
1355 North Harbor Drive, San Diego 92101

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