DeMaio Campaign Thanks Fletcher for Supporting DeMaio’s Ideas in “Pathway to Prosperity” Jobs Plan

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On Thursday, August 18th mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher sent a mass email unveiling the first part of his plan to “bring San Diego’s business practices into the 21st Century.” Fletcher declared that, “we must look at everything we do with fresh eyes and new ideas.”

The only problem is that every component of his plan appears to be lifted from proposals already released by DeMaio and his team – there are no original ideas.

DeMaio campaign spokesman Stephen Puetz explained, “After reading the email several times, I concluded that Assemblyman Fletcher’s reference to fresh eyes and new ideas must be a veiled compliment to the work Carl has done on this issue over the past two years — after all, imitation is the ultimate form of flattery.  We look forward to seeing future policy positions by Mr. Fletcher and recommend he review additional initiatives from Carl for continuing inspiration.”

The Pathway to Prosperity is DeMaio’s detailed and comprehensive plan to get San Diegans back to work. The plan includes an initial seven reforms to cut red tape and attract businesses to San Diego.  DeMaio plans a series of Town Hall Forums over the next four months to refine and expand these proposals with input from business owners and the public.

“If Assemblyman Fletcher has any further questions, we’d be happy to get together with him and explain the Pathway to Prosperity in greater detail,” added Puetz.

“Fixing San Diego requires a mayor who will outline bold and fresh ideas – and who can build consensus to implement those ideas,” said DeMaio. “Even my mayoral opponents cannot resist the common sense reforms I have outlined in my detailed plans and I appreciate their support.”

See the chart below for the full comparison.


Carl DeMaio, 8/4/11

Nathan Fletcher, 8/19/11

“San Diego must dramatically reorganize and overhaul its entire process for handling permits.” “The City of San Diego must change a number of its business practices – and step one is the first place a new business goes before hiring people: getting the permits necessary to open or expand a business.”


Carl DeMaio, 7/21/10

Nathan Fletcher, 8/19/11

“The City of San Diego is woefully behind the times in using the Internet to interact with small businesses. Within five years, the City of San Diego should achieve the goal of conducting 95% of all permit and license transactions online.” “New business permits are the first stop on the road to new jobs. Lets make it easy and online. “


Carl DeMaio, 7/21/10

Nathan Fletcher, 8/19/11

“Currently, (permit) information is not easily accessible online for business owners because it is distributed across various departments.” “Oftentimes, permit approval for both business and personal projects requires the approval of multiple City departments.”


Carl DeMaio, 8/4/11

Nathan Fletcher, 8/19/11

“To streamline the number of permit actions that require a full-scale city review process, DeMaio proposes to pilot ‘Self-Certification’ Permitting for select projects.” “Modernization will include… moving more towards ministerial and self approval, increasing e-filing of permits.”


Carl DeMaio, 7/21/10

Nathan Fletcher, 8/19/11

“The City should overhaul its processes and costs for special events conducted within the city… and allow for the waiver of City service cost-recovery fees for special event organizers.” “The city requires a Special Event Permit. The $150 fee for the event is just the beginning of a long list of requirements to secure the city’s approval.”


Carl DeMaio, 8/4/11

Nathan Fletcher, 8/19/11

“The Job Sector Coordinator would serve as an ombudsman to trouble-shoot problems and address problems that businesses in that sector are having with city departments and regulations.” The City should “implement a business regulatory case management service. This service will make it quicker and easier to open a new business by assisting entrepreneurs with the permitting process.”

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  1. Interesting that DeMaio chooses to ignore the reforms proposed by Fletcher that AREN’T in DeMaio’s “plan.” Also interesting that DeMaio ignores the votes he cast on city council that directly contradict his own plan. And, it would be nice if DeMaio acknowledged he spent $50,000 of our tax dollars on consultants to develop his so-called “plan.” Perhaps that’s why DeMaio is afraid to participate in debates with his opponents.

  2. Mr DeMaio is once again grandstanding. He’s a slimmy snake and he’s the worst candidate for mayor of SD. He will destroy public safety, and all other city services by employing the worst employees. No good employees will stick around and work for this city if he’s in charge. But who could blame someone for leaving when his whole goal is to destroy there pay, benefits, and take away the pension. Anyone in the private sector faced with the same situation would also seek a better employer!

  3. Wait…Demaio is planning a series of town tall meetings (political theatre) to propagate his campaign platform in the next 4 months? But his spokesman told the Union Tribune he couldn’t participate in a mayoral debate next month because he was focusing all his energy and time on getting signatures for the proposition. I guess his choregraphed political theatre is more valuable to voters than having a chance to see all the candidates answer similar questions in public.

    Personally, I think he is afraid to debate Fletcher. Its easy to take on a polar opposite like the unions who trash your entire point of view. You can disregard them as extremists. It’s much more difficult to debate someone of similar beliefs (Fletcher or Dumanis) who can pick apart half baked taxpayer funded political campaigns built by your city staff.

    I guess Carl will just continue to hide.

    From SDUT:

    “Campaign spokesman Stephen Puetz said DeMaio’s only priority until the Oct. 14 deadline is collecting enough signatures to get the Comprehensive Pension Reform measure on the ballot (although an aide in DeMaio’s office said the councilman was on vacation Thursday and Friday.)”

    Continued from Puetz:
    “While this important signature deadline looms, instead of participating in political theater, Carl will remain fully engaged in the real work to reform the city now.”

  4. Dear Carl,

    Thank you for using my idea of holding a cat during a press conference. Mr. Bigglesworth says you have his vote!


    Dr. Evil

  5. We’re gonna let Matt’s comment stand, because it’s his opinion, and no reasonable person would draw the conclusion that DeMaio isn’t really human. Plus, the inability to spell really cracked us up. Actually, based on Matt’s theory, electing Carl as Mayor would cause a mass exodus from City Hall. Is there a cost savings there?

  6. The anti-DeMaio comments above SHOULD stand. They represent the city employees’ viewpoint, and we should all see the raging hatred and mindless fear they feel..

    The battle lines are clearly drawn — the 10,000+ city employees vs. the 1.3 million San Diego residents. To our city labor unions, Carl is the devil incarnate. Hence the unions and their members will support ANY other candidate against him.

    Naturally the unions prefer Bob Filner, a fellow traveler. But when push comes to shove, city workers will support Bonnie Dumanis, Nathan Fletcher, or Muammar Gaddafi against DeMaio.

  7. Wow! Carl Demaio really has some strange characters in a tizzy. Apparently if he were to quit running his campaign his way and follow their instructions he would become a good guy. Well, Fletcher must not agree with them as he is copying Demaio as the list shows. Fletcher must think Demaio is THE good guy. DeMaio keeps driving the issues and Fletcher keeps playing catch up.

  8. Thor’s Assistance,
    You are correct, there will be a max exodus from city hall and all other services. The unfortunate part about that is the people who will fill those positions will be ones who are willing to settle for poor pay, poor benefits and a horrible pension. Typically people who are willing to settle either cant get employed somewhere else or are only taking the job until they can find a better place. This had already been proven with SDPD when we had over a hundred officers leave to other departments and we couldn’t hire enough qualified officers to fill the academies. As in the private sector, when you treat your employees bad, they will leave and once the word gets out, you won’t find quality people to replace them. If you think city services lack quality now, just wait. Mr DeMaio has already made the employees feel under appreciated, and hated. Just something to think about!

  9. Dear Carl:

    Stop taking credit for inventing ideas that are clearly not yours alone. It just makes you look stupid. Trust me.

    Stay cool,

    Al Gore

  10. I am rather disappointed at the way DeMaio went after Fletcher. Were all the ideas DeMaio talked about really original to him? I doubt it, and it doesn’t really matter. DeMaio is the most forceful and eloquent advocate of shaking up City Hall so it really works for the public. He should be content to leave it at that.

    And yes, DeMaio should take part in the debates. People who are favorably inclined to DeMaio just might take a different view if they conclude he’s ducking debates and acting as another politician as usual.

  11. Actually, not a city employee, union goon or any other lefty person, just a typical Republican. You can’t disregard the premise of my comment off hand.

    I think I raised a good question, why will Carl do Town Hall meetings to push is campaign agenda but won’t participate in a debate where he has to defend his campaign agenda?

    He previously said he didn’t have time, but we know that clearly isn’t the case based on his upcoming town hall events.

  12. Mr. Rider,

    You have to get over the conspiracy theory that anyone questioning Councilman DeMaio is a City employee. Plus, don’t you have to write another article minimizing the dangers of police work.

    Brian R Marvel
    SDPOA President

  13. Actually, you make a good point, Brian. There are indeed other DeMaio opponents. I was primarily referring to Matt, whose controversial posting was commented upon by Thorette. If he is not a city employee — certainly he properly reflects the attitude of city employees. Of course, Matt being anonymous, we’ll never know for sure.

    Shucks, Matt might indeed NOT be a city employee — perhaps instead working in the private sector, employed by a local labor union. It IS possible.

    As for the dangers of police work, nothing I have asserted has changed. Police work IS dangerous, but not as mortally dangerous as a number of other occupations. I stand by my report — recent violent local events notwithstanding.

    I hesitate to comment on this topic since my last such critical posting of police claims resulted in a string of vile, extremely obscene, generally threatening anonymous late-at-night phone calls from a local “public safety” employee — probably working for the city of San Diego, based on his drunken comments. I’d give odds it was a cop in the SDPOA, but I definitely could be wrong on this.

    Brian, perhaps you can help resolve this matter. Is there any way to trace such calls to my land line after the fact? We know the approximate time, and there were 5-6 calls in a row — clearly from the same phone.. Perhaps you can do a little police work on this — if you’re not too busy doing union business. Your guidance in this matter is sincerely appreciated.

  14. The PRIMARY for this race is next JUNE. Seems a bit early to be holding debates — people will grow tired enough of this lengthly campaign soon enough.

    Moreover, there are likely to be more candidates entering (and perhaps leaving) the race before the filing deadline (I’m guessing that’s in January) — perhaps a major candidate or two (Donna Frye, for instance).

  15. Fair Disclosure – contributed to Carl and plan to give more
    Fair Disclosure #2 – Like and know Nathan.

    I do wish that Nathan (or the Press) at some point would help us really try to understand the differences between Carl and Nathan. It is awfully early, so not blaming anyone but right now I see from Fletcher a pretty “personality” centric campaign – which understandably they like cause it is a big asset in this field.

    But it would be nice to understand how Nathan is going to govern. What does HE see as the big problem in San Diego when he takes a “long view” or a 10,000 foot perspective? Has he spent some “deep thinking” about the problems in the City/region?

    These get to fundamentals – How will he navigate not through the easy stuff (the pension crap is an easy call for a conservative) but the HARD THINGS – for example, when the business community wants investment but the GOP NIMBIES in La Jolla are SCREAMING about a condo development in bird rock or a bridge over Rose Canyon or the Scripps Ranch people going Ape S*** about expanding Palmerado to 4 lands or the PQ people SCREAMING about a bridge over Los Pen. (BTW – ALL Those are real historical examples of GOP voters suddenly abandoning property rights and prudent planning in the cause of NIMBY)

    Some of us believe (and I would be HAPPY to debate any rosterian on this) that the biggest thing the City does under state law is land use/infrastructure. The second biggest thing it does is operate a pretty brain dead 10,000 person bureaucracy that is so set in its ways and hide bound it isn’t even funny.

    At this point, even knowing Nathan, I have no idea how he thinks about land use and I have no idea how he is planning on blowing up a bureaucracy that simply REFUSES to consider new ideas or innovate. Sanders has been, on this second point, an absolute disaster, unable to push back on department directors who continue to do things one way cause that is the way they have always done them – example #1 the complete inability of the Mayor to have a rational discussion about the main library in a way that acknowledged that there have been world altering changes in the way people use and interact with “books” since the late 1990s with Rob Q designed the taj mahal or a process re-engeerinig effort that gave us, I kid you not, the major idea from the library department to leave books out for re-shelving an hour longer so that people would see them, check them out again, and thus save on re-shelving. Yup – took a city committee 6 months to come up with that one! How about asking the hard question of whether a branch library needs, every hour it is open, a college educated librarian to answer questions or whether there was a different model – where you had someone to open and run the building but had the specialized reference professional on a rotating basis or, gosh forbid, even based remotely using technology to assist patrons. Ooops…but that would be something different than they currently do and we can’t have innovative thinking at the City.

    I get Carl’s up and downsides. He really will blow up boxes and spend 4 years in a brushwar with the bureaucrats. If conflict scares you Carl is a pretty hard candidate to support. But Nathan worries be because after Golding, Murphy, Sanders we have seen what “personality” GOP candidates get us – a slow declining City on the way toward becoming much like any other California metro area – sucking taxpayers dry with substandard services to deliver goodies to special interests both in and outside of government. San Diego is in DESPERATE need on innovation and new thinking and, to date, that hasn’t emerged from Fletcher’s camp in a compelling way.

  16. Richard,

    Sorry for the late response. Actually there is a way to trace phone calls. You will need to file a 653m PC, annoying phone call, report with the department in the city which you reside. That will allow the phone company to place a trap on your line and also investigate the the dates and times you were called.

    Send me an email or give me a call. I believe you can get my email and number from SDCTA since the POA is a member.


  17. Erik,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the Mayor has no say over land use decisions. I believe that any decision that needs to go beyond the Planning Commission is under the sole authority of the City Council. In fact, I think this is one area that the Mayor doesn’t even have any veto power.

  18. Actually……

    While the council gets to vote without Mayoral threat on land use policies the Mayor has the power to PROPOSE and, even earlier in the process, make key determinations under CEQA in respect to the overall rules. In respect to infrastructure projects, the Mayoral power to propose is even more pronounced.

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