DeMaio Campaign Raises $540,000 in 25 Days

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DeMaio Campaign Raises $540,000 in 25 Days

Demonstrates Deep Grassroots Support
in Key First Campaign Reporting Period


Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio announced today his campaign grossed $540,000 in the first 25 days of the campaign. Nearly 90% of donations came from within San Diego County and the median contribution was only $150, which illustrates an impressive grassroots donor base capable of generating much more in the future.

“I’m up against the labor unions and special interest insiders who will be filling the campaign coffers of my opponents,” said DeMaio. “That’s why I asked San Diegans to partner with me to fix the mess at City Hall – I am overwhelmed and humbled by their response.”

DeMaio pledged to match every donor during June dollar-for-dollar. Over 1,150 donors gave a cumulative total of approximately $270,000 – and in fulfillment of a pledge he made at the beginning of the month, DeMaio matched their support with his personal funds on the night of June 30th.

The June 30th reporting deadline is key for Mayoral campaigns to show momentum, and the report will reflect only 25 days of activity due to city campaign finance rules.

DeMaio’s campaign performed well among key metrics that reflect bona fide electoral support:

Measure 1: How much support came from within San Diego County?

DeMaio raised nearly 90% of his money locally.  He stressed the significance of the figure by commenting: “I’m up against the labor unions and special interest lobbyists from downtown and Sacramento who will be filling the campaign coffers of my opponents.  That money does not reflect grassroots and electoral support – but the percentage of locally-raised dollars we achieved certainly does.”

Measure 2: What percentage of donors are “maxed out” and what was the average and median contribution?

DeMaio’s grassroots donor base has produced an average donation of just over $230, a median donation of only $150 and less than 30% of DeMaio’s donors gave the maximum contribution of $500.  These donation levels reflect sustainability in his donor base.

Measure 3: Is the donor base diverse?

DeMaio raised a significant portion of his money from his 25 events in 23 days grassroots fundraising effort. His contributions show strength across the city, and come from every economic sector, reflect every socio-economic group, and represent every political party.

The campaign will also show over $500,000 cash-on-hand – an important metric that reflects the actual amount of money that is still available to deliver the campaign’s message to voters.  As required by law, a complete and detailed financial filing will be made on or before July 31.  To learn more about Carl DeMaio and his campaign visit



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  1. Does the average donation stay at $150 when you consider that one of the donations came in at around $270,000?? (Answer – no, it makes the average donation $470).

    So to me it seems that he either raised $270,000 and the average donation is $230, OR he raised $540,000 and the average donation is $470. Can’t have your cake and eat it too…

  2. At $270,000, I would say that the biggest special interest in the campaign right now is DeMaio’s ego. And that’s not an insult…think about it.

  3. Interesting point Vidosic but that’s a stretch. Plus the median donation of $150 would stay the same and so would the percentage of donors maxed out.

  4. Too bad DeMaio actually went out and earned his wealth, not like those rich Republicans such as Peter Navarro and mommy’s money, Scott Peters, who earned his money the old fashion way, or Maureen, with that Jack in the Box dough. Oops, that’s right, they were Democrats, sorry about that.

  5. What’s going to be interesting is looking at how many low dollar contributions Demaio has vs. Fletcher. With low dollar contributions the candidate can take more bites at the apple.

  6. It’s simple. DeMaio raised 270K from donors and Fletcher raised 300K. DeMaio gave campaign an additional 270K.

    I’d disagree with Vid on the cake analogy. If you look at average donation of 230.00 it shows good potential for additional donations.

    I haven’t heard how many donors each had, that might be interesting to see who had more people give.

    Sounds like Vid’s angry that DeMaio is very close in total raised and far ahead with cash on hand.

  7. Mean, median and mode. Keep the distinctions in mind if you want to make a valid point with averages.

    If Bill Gates were to start posting here, the mean income of us Rostrafarians would go up dramatically. Median and mode, not so much.

  8. Things Nathan Fletcher should consider releasing in light of Demaio’s numbers:

    1) Estimated cash-on-hand.
    Demaio says his will be “over $500,” meaning his burn rate was less than $40K. Not bad. How much did Nathan spend in June?

    2) Percentage of MONEY raised locally.
    Nathan was clever about highlighting 75% of his donors are local. But that may backfire by highlighting the local money factor if the majority of dollars came from elsewhere. Demaio gave both numbers… over 90% of donors and dollars are local. Nathan should release those even if they dont measure up, just so that the 75% he’s been using doesnt look like pure spin. No one will fault him for not hitting 90% as long as it’s reasonable.

    3) Number of donors.
    Demaio says over 1,150 and even did the math for us on both median and mean donations (both are of interest to political junkies assessing how each is getting their money).

    4) Percentage of max donations.
    It wouldnt surprise me if Nathan actually beat Carl on this number (by being lower % of max outs), since we know he made a concerted effort to bring in small donations. Demaio was very clever to release this number and point out that repeat donations makes his fundraising pace sustainable. If a very large percentage of a candidate’s first donations are max outs, they will hit a ceiling fast.

    Obviously some of these stats won’t be in Nathan’s favor, and he has no obligation to give them up before August. But to observers, his silence is just as good as an answer…

  9. There was never a question of whether DeMaio would have enough money to run a campaign; it was always clear that he could self-fund, if necessary. However, the fact that he raised $270K from other donors shows a level of support I am not sure many (at least some) on this site thought would be there.

    It will be very interesting to see how much Dumanis raised. Is the fact that she hasn’t released that information yet possibly a bad sign?

  10. Very clever indeed…

    @Bill – not angry in the least. Merely pointing out inconsistencies in the language of the release. I’m enjoying my summer far too much to be “angry” about CoH totals 11 months out 🙂

  11. My goodness this is like arguing not only about how many ANGELS are on the head of the pin but whether they are standing with their weight equally distributed on both feet and whether or not they have arch problems.

    1. Both guys raised enough money to be competitive
    2. Both guys raised enough money to likely be on TV
    3. Both guys got enough local support to suggest they have a local base
    4. Both guys have released SOME information but we haven’t seen the final tally
    5. The sound of crickets from Camp Dumanis is getting louder.

    There. That should satisfy us until the Fall.

    Full disclosure – have contributed and given to Carl.

  12. Erik, we totally disagree with you. In fact, we’re so politically nerdy that we insist on knowing what percentage of the checks were signed by males versus females, how many of the donors are married, and whether they have children or even any distant relatives that could also write checks. Then, we want to know what percentage of them have ever done a google search for “how to make chloroform.”

  13. Erik:

    Thanks for being “the voice of reason’ on this thread.
    It’s good news for Republicans that both of these
    candidates can build a strong financial base.

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