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“Job Creation isn’t a Partisan Issue; it’s a San Diego Issue,” says DeMaio

San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio announced today the formation of a broad coalition of Independents, Republicans and Democrats who will provide business leadership and guidance on job creation for San Diego.

Quiet since the primary, an overwhelming majority of the founders of the Movement to the Middle have now endorsed DeMaio. Movement to the Middle is a grassroots coalition of business and community leaders who want constructive, pragmatic leaders who want an end to the relentless divisiveness and bitter partisan battles that have caused gridlock in government.

“Job creation isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a San Diego issue,” DeMaio declared as he was joined by members of the bipartisan coalition at a news conference. “As Mayor, I will listen to ideas from all sides and bring people together from different political backgrounds as I have done today. With this coalition, we will work on uniting elected officials from both parties to attract jobs to the region.”

“In order to truly move our great city forward, I believe we must elect Carl DeMaio as our next Mayor. While we may not agree with Carl on everything, I know Carl will be open to evaluating all options on job creation and will use a balanced approach to governing,” said Scott Dickey, CEO of Competitor Group and a founding member of Movement to the Middle. “I’ve talked with Carl about his plans and he’s welcomed my input as well as the input of many of my non-partisan, independent friends.”

Democratic businesswoman Cecilia Moreno, owner of the Crest Café,  stated, “San Diego needs a leader who draws people together and helps tackle the severe unemployment and underemployment in San Diego. Carl is the only candidate for mayor who has put an economic recovery plan together by listening to both sides of the aisle and leaders in our business community.”

Republican Steve Francis, President of Francis Enterprises, LLC, said, “This mayoral campaign is about jobs, jobs, jobs. We cannot let political affiliations serve as barriers to progress and the advancement of building a friendly environment at City Hall that attracts major employers or spurs job growth.”

Gina Champion Cain, CEO of American National Investments, remarked, “As a Democrat, I applaud Carl’s vigorous approach to reaching out to all sides and building consensus on issues that impact San Diegans. I am honored to be helping provide input that at the end will help middle-class families have more employment opportunities.”

“With pension reform and other citywide propositions, Carl has shown he can build winning bipartisan coalitions,” James Brennan, CEO of the Enlightened Hospitality Group and a registered Decline to State independent, affirmed. “Carl will work tireless, and listen to different sectors to bring jobs to San Diego. I look forward to helping this coalition of diverse leaders.”

Business and community leader Linden Blue, a Republican, remarked, “DeMaio is a unifier and a leader. He will fight for what is right regardless of political affiliation.”


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