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Carl DeMaio launched his campaign for US Congress last week — coming out of the gate strong and breaking two fundraising records — and today is announcing appointment of key personnel in his campaign organization.

“I’ve worked with each of these team members on my other campaigns to fight tax hikes and enact accountability reforms in government and I’m thrilled they will be helping lead a campaign I hope will become a model for how we take back California from one-party socialist control,” DeMaio said.

“Based on the strategies and plans this team has already developed, I’m confident our campaign will try to break-the-mold in a number of areas including grassroots outreach, ballot harvesting, and digital fundraising,” DeMaio said.

Most candidates and elected officials use a “GC Model” where a General Consultant hires a team of subcontractors to do work. DeMaio has not used that model since 2012, preferring to build a full-time political operation. DeMaio intends to keep his team in place after securing the 50th Congressional District as he launches another round of ballot measure campaigns (both supporting and opposing) in 2020 and organizes support for various candidates for federal, state, and local office.

“In California, Republican candidates need to innovate and I believe this model is both a good fit for me personally but an innovation that may be of use to other candidates in the future,” DeMaio concluded.

Campaign Manager
Jordan Gurnett

Communications Director
Dave McCulloch

Digital Director
Dylan Martin

Finance Director
Robbie Riley

Deputy Finance Director
Roxanne Beckford Hoge

Deputy Finance Director
Jackson Rodewald

TV-Radio Consultant
Ben Burger, SRCP Media

Direct Mail Consultants
Stephen Puetz and Duane Dichiara, Axiom Strategies

Grassroots and Field Consultant
Tommy Knepper, In Field Strategies

Dave Sackett, Tarrance Group

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  1. Carl basically assembled the same group of people that lost the mayoral and congressional race. No imagination!! Going to get out the popcorn to watch this side show, desperation, circus act.

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