Deep Thoughts….By People Who May Be Your Mayor Someday

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In the spirit of election season, which officially kicks off Sunday, here are some deep thoughts by people who may be San Diego’s Mayor someday:

“San Diegans want an app that routes all of their complaints to an intern in my office.” ~Carl DeMaio

“San Diegans are tired of drinking at the beach.” ~Kevin Faulconer

“San Diegans want a new Chargers stadium — and I’m going to stay up all night to make it happen.” ~Nathan Fletcher

“San Diegans want a mayor who will bring Bill Kolender back as police chief.” ~Bonnie Dumanis

“San Diegans want me to stand up to unresponsive airport employees keeping me from my luggage.” ~Bob Filner

“San Diegans don’t remember pension underfunding.” ~Christine Kehoe

“San Diegans are ready for a tax increase.” ~Donna Frye

“San Diegans don’t care how much water I use.” ~Scott Peters

“San Diegans want me to run a third time. I’m sure of it.” ~Steve Francis


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  1. Bonnie Dumanis filing an Amicus brief to the Supreme Court regarding the Heller DC Handgun ban doesn’t endear her to my heart.

  2. Ms. Dumanis signed on to the brief that stated the Second Amendment is NOT an individual right. Even the disssenting view conceded that it is an individual right.

    Her view is extreme and way out of the main stream, not to mention factually, historically, and legally proven to be wrong.

  3. “WHAT?? I’m NOT running for mayor?? Why am I always the last one to know these things?” ~ Richard Rider

  4. Rider inspired us. We add these two to the list, whether they be fantasy, past candidates, or whatever…

    “San Diegans want someone who cares little about partisanship. I’m Libertarian. No, I’m Republican. Oh Hell, you decide!” — Richard Rider

    “San Diegans want someone not so sure whether he will run. I’m in. No, I’m out. Okay, I’m in. Oh Hell, I resign!” — Dick Murphy

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