DeClercq to Hiram Johnson and Citizens: Go Pound Sand

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For Rostra readers who aren’t on Twitter or closely following the debate surrounding the gathering of signatures for San Diego’s pension reform ballot measure, this might come as a shock. Frank DeClercq, head of San Diego’s Fire Fighters Union, thinks that the citizens of California should not have the right to petition their government by initiative, leaving the politicians in  complete control.


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  1. I feel DeClercq’s pain. Convincing voters is MUCH harder than bribing politicians. And yes, the unions DO bribe politicians. Sure, it’s legal, but it’s still a bribe.

    Prior to selecting a candidate, the unions hold what H.L. Mencken described as “an advance auction of stolen goods.” Highest bidder wins the union endorsements and financial support. And most valued of all is the firefighter endorsement.

    The government unions abhor a citizen vote. Firefighters most of all, as they have the most influence with politicians (except perhaps for the police).

    THAT’s a major reason why most of the blockers harassing San Diego Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) petition circulators and potential signers are off-duty SD FD firefighters.

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